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6 Week Weight Loss Online Program

Do you want to Lose Weight?

Would you like to know more importantly HOW to keep the weight OFF permanently?

Would you like to do this from the comfort of your own home? & in your own time!

From my 30 year’s experience in the weight loss industry I have designed a 6 Week Weight Loss & Management Online Program that will help you – should you wish – to transform your physical shape quickly, easily and healthily.

This program will help you to effectively accomplish 2 outcomes:

A) Lose weight

and then

B) Maintainthat weight lost.

I am a big advocate of Weight Management verses just weight loss. After all, I hazard a guess that you don’t lose weight expecting and hoping to put the weight back on! Dreading putting it back on sure, but not wanting too right! However that is what happens for around 95% of people who try to lose weight, 95%, of the time.

The real challenge people have is not so much the losing off the weight. The challenge the same individuals have is in the second instance – keeping the weight OFF, thus I wanted to help people manage the situation, not repeat the same cycle needlessly again and again and again!

A fresh new approach may just be what you have been looking for …

During the 6 week Weight loss & Management Online Program  I will teach you how to effectively deal with all the above. You will learn exactly the same techniques and teachings that has allowed people who have lost weight initially – to maintain their weight lost – long term if not permanently. You will discover what is required and what key ingredients have been missing and deluding you.

The Program will cover, and you will learn about:

Exercise …

Think about it for just a second or two … if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is not eat or eat less – ‘diet‘  in other words which, in the loose sense of the word is a – restriction of calories. THAT does not constitute a fat burn effect. It DOES represent a situation where your body will burn all types of tissue to counteract the calorie deficit. Meaning loss of mostly Healthy muscle tissue and thus loss of intracellular ( Healthy ) water lost, as well as some / minimal fat tissue.

How then – do you ensure the Healthy tissues remains ( muscle & water ) yet you burn fat??? Is that even possible you may ask?!

Answer = Absolutely yes

How? = Movement. Otherwise called exercise.

Getting used to that idea and finding an exercise that you genuinely like – is a difficult matter for most people and one of the major hurdles / tumbling blocks for anyone wanting to shift weight and keep it off. Statistics and data confirm over and over again that most people don’t like to exercise.


The 6 week Weight loss & Management Online Course will address this and will help guide you with finding an activity you genuinely do like.

Most people do exercise they don’t enjoy and this is one of the key reasons why weight loss is difficult to be maintained! After all, if you don’t like something then you will only be able to get yourself to do it for a short while before you quit. Difficult to keep doing something you don’t enjoy for a long time right!


Nutrition …

How to finally understand what to do and what not to do in this area, plus how to enjoy the process rather than do it begrudgingly.

As an example, dieting is a poor approach believe it not, only a small handful of people that I have ever Coached has ‘gone on a diet’ for a very specific reason but 99% have not. There are many ways to achieve a calorific alteration – that leads to an increased metabolic rate – that leads to fat burning!

Proteins for example are more metabolic than carbohydrates. Even though they contain almost identical calories gram for gram. Substituting carb foods for protein foods is an effective way to alter the chemistry effect and subsequently – burn more fat off.

Likewise, Healthy dietary fats help with the fat burn effect and bad fats contribute to the fat storing on your body. Would be useful to know which fat is which right! you will learn all off this during the 6 week course and a whole lot more.



Learning the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that has eluded you. The mind set required to be the weight you want to be. This will be covered during the course.

To read more on the psychology side please read the Weight Loss Event page.

During this 6 week course you will lose weight and learn how to maintain the weight lost, but you don’t have to cram everything in to the 6 weeks so don’t worry, the information you learn and discover over the 6 weeks will allow you to carry out any weight loss and then manage the weight loss at any time you wish. Many people start shedding the weight during the 6 weeks but go on to lose the bulk of their excess weight after the course has finished.

This course is designed to give you what you are currently missing – the information – that will enable you to manage any weight lost so losing weight does not stop at the end of the 6 weeks point, it is ongoing.

Why Online?

I created an online program primarily for those people that wanted a cost effective version of the private consulting that I do or for those that cannot for whatever reason attend my 1 day Weight Loss & Management live events in London.

Plus being delivered online means you have a permanent record / strategy / plan anytime you want to pick it up. A written and laid out approach that requires no needing to try and remember anything.

Also, means you can study and analyse the information at your own pace, no pressure to cram anything in, chose the time of day and the day itself to do this. Online allows for a greater flexibility approach in one’s life style.

I also chose an online approach because of the end objective – that it works! we know from statistics and data that when people are presented with a lot of info in 1 go ( such as in a book ) they tend not to read everything, leading to, obviously, an inefficient approach creating little or no results.

I decided to do my best to prevent that from happening so I purposefully broke the plan down in to being delivered over 6 weeks that it could be drip fed so to speak to give the greatest possible strategy to ensure it was effective. Week 1 is dependent on week 2 and week 2 is dependent on week 3 and so on, so there is a continual focus that creates a very positive effect, when you are ‘focusing‘ on something nonstop for a month and a half of your life, things tend to change!

The Weight loss & Management Online Program is designed to last 6 weeks and be presented to you online. You will receive an email twice per week for 6 straight weeks. Each week will be different and built on the previous weeks content, so that each week is layered on the week before to create a stepping stone approach that is methodical and strategic yet logical and constructive.

The Program also contains critical emotional support in real time from my and my team to you.


How much is the Program?

The investment for the course is just £1,497 for the entire 6 weeks. The value of the course in what in will do for you far exceeds the cost 10 times over that I can assure you.

*** right now it is reduced to help with Covid-19 and is being given away at just £997 ***

Like all my pricing, firstly I don’t charge ridiculous costs simply because the whole idea is to reach people and make a difference, not just make a profit, secondly, to benefit the U.K Registered Charity S.O.U.P who receive 10% of net income from the Online Program.

This way you get to support a fantastic cause, the Charity gets it’s much needed help, I get to contribute and feel good and you get to lose weight and keep it off!

Everyone wins!

To start your new journey to Permanent Weight Loss and Weight Management via this 6 Week Weight loss & Management Online Program please Click the button