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Darren Christopher Rowland Darren Christopher Rowland

What is a Very Important Person?

For the last 10 years, I have primarily Coached in the very private world of VIP’s.

My expertise is in assisting people with Significance to design their hectic Life in such a way, that despite their VIP status, they can still enjoy and experience a balanced Life. While I specialise in the context of Successful weight loss, I also heavily Coach in all areas of Life including Business & Executive Coaching, Emotional Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Financial Coaching & Health Coaching.

In addition, VIP are not immune to Emotional and Behavioural challenges that require attention and need to be addressed ‘under the radar‘ so to speak and that is where my experience and expertise comes in.
I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful individuals over the years in various fields and industries and I feel privileged to have had an impact on their lives both personally and professionally.

What is a VIP?

A VIP is simply a person with significant influence.

Whether that be because they are a member of regality, or are a well known musical artist, or are a household name in film / T.V or, are a Government official, or a well-known sports star, or very wealthy financially, or have a very high ranking position in a major national or international organisation etc…

Due to their ability to influence potentially millions of other people, they hold a status in society that we give high regard and Respect to. They have the power to potentially cause major and significant changes to society.

There is no other intrinsic difference between a member of the public and a VIP except as mentioned their status and thus, their influential position. Outside of the limelight, a lot of VIP’s are very ‘normal’ individuals like me and you and it surprises people to know this.


VIP often enjoy the Success and the enriched life it brings, but some can often suffer in other areas of their life due to conflict or compromise. Obvious examples would be Film or T.V  stars where their marriage / relationship has a big disturbance where one partner may feel overwhelmed by the limelight or even jealous!

Another example is the health of an individual. When Success brings a well-known musician, excessive travel and the high life, eating healthy and exercising regularly becomes a conflict and a battle ensues. Similarly, bodyweight issues are very prevalent with VIP’s again because of Lifestyle demands and commitments, including traveling and the restrictions it brings.

Another example is a young and highly paid football star at the peak of their career and adored by millions. They have financial security and freedom! but may have not even reached their mid-twenties yet and don’t ‘know’ what to spend their money on. Not their fault, but clearly it leads to frivolous spending and they buy for example a very expensive sports car.

Nothing wrong with that. However, they are notorious for driving too fast and getting a speeding fine or worse, end up crashing the car around a tree. They are trained to have a degree of aggression because in a game it is an edge that is advantageous, but if the same individual does not know how to manage themself Emotionally, then other contexts of their life become purtebed such as, dangerous driving.

Coaches are brought in on to the payroll salary to assist the young yet inexperienced players on how to spend their money and how to balance their Life out accordingly now that they are potentially world famous.

High ranking politicians and individuals of regality can also feel the strain of public pressure and scrutiny. Never being out of the news and being at the constant forefront of the public’s eye takes it toll on health and relations to name a few, not having a personal life – a private life – can be too much for some.

There are many more possible examples but I think you may get the point.

What they all have in common is Success in one area of their life, which can potentially cause upsets in other areas.  Whether that particular VIP is minor, moderate or major in the world’s eye, is irrelevant.

All levels of VIP go through the same challenges.


I have been Coaching VIP on what I call ‘Successful Living‘ for several years now. Simply, it is about how to design their Lifestyle around balance and harmony. Sounds a bit zappy I know, but back in the real world it is absolutely fundamental and vital, otherwise, disaster can and often does happen in many VIP’s lives.

Otherwise known as ‘Lifestyle Coaching‘, it is about how to design the style in which they choose to live their life, in a way that creates unison and happiness. I help them to understand it is the decisions they make, not the conditions of their Lifestyle, that they have control over, and therefore they are able to modify or tweak certain areas without interfering with their VIP status. Just requires a little bit of attention, which is where I come in and Coach.

My role is to ensure there is a balance between their relationships, both personal and professional, that their health is taken care off, as well as their financial status, their emotional well being, managing the fame and Success they experience, and any and all other areas of their Life they have.

The bottom line is, just like a company needs managing, or a toddler needs to be managed by an adult, or your bank account needs to be managed ( some people haven’t figured that one out yet! ) so it is no different with our lives as a whole, and as a VIP with intrinsically more need, the same ( but more ) applies.

VIP Protection

Not physical protection, but image protection.

I am often approached by representatives of VIP to Coach because I have the experience of working ‘intimately‘, with very important people past and present.

It is sometimes not apt for VIP to be seen receiving help / professional coaching, thus a lot of VIP clients get refereed to me only because of the security of their privacy, that I can ensure through my tight network of contacts, developed over the years, keeping it away and out of sight, from the public awareness through media exposure.

VIP Coaching often requires security checks / clearance and many NDA’s.

My professional and personal ethos are the same – I am not a loud, over the top, in your face type individual. I am instead more centered, more humble, happier to serve than to shout for attention about.

Thus I refrain from publicizing my VIP work because while it would serve to increase my exposure, it would also serve to weaken my reputation, as mentioned a large portion of the VIP come to me for the sole reason that I am not seeking the attention it ‘could’ bring.

I am hired because I can deliver the change they seek, without compromising their reputation.


My introduction to the VIP world came about, in part from the seminars I use to carry out around 2011, where I held very private events at that time, that by it’s nature would attract many people who were, shall we say ‘fairly well known’ and wanted to avoid the limelight and attention.

From this came further clients of the private world as my reputation began to spread.

I started to work with individual VIP here and there in 2012 in private consulting and eventually, I stopped holding these particular seminars altogether and changed to only private 121 Coaching for the VIP instead.

Due to referral, in 2014 I took on my first International VIP client and have since enjoyed 6 years of traveling and Coaching around the world, again, meeting an even wider variety of people in even far more reaching areas including economic, political and entertainment.

Due to privacy protection agreements, I am unfortunately unable to publicly specify the who or when.

To a Better Quality of Life for VIP.