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Weight loss testimonial

DCR is one of the most incredible and important people I’ve met in my life! He has helped me beyond description. Not only I have removed a few stones  without any dieting or supplements, but I have done all this with simple daily exercises that I genuinely enjoy. I can’t believe how I have changed so much in a such short time without any effort. All I can say is Darren has supported me in ways I can’t mention and he has taught me a few things about life and myself that have changed me forever.

Sabina Stoyanova

Weight loss testimonial

“I have never been a large size per say but I definitely gained too much weigh for my frame over the years and eventually I felt like a beached whale! Darren changed all of that in record time, the after picture was taken at a wedding I attended around 9 months later. The difference was not only weight but a lot of shape which for me was more important. Darren helped me not just physically but mentally too and I believe that is what made all this work beyond my willpower.”


Weight loss testimonial

“I just wanted to thank Darren and his team for all their efforts with me. I think the before and after pictures tell the story best but suffice to say the instigator of the shift, for me at least was Darren. He not only coached me but got me to believe in myself. Thank you Darren.”


Weight loss testimonial

“I have dropped over 18lb without any calorie drop in my food intake. I have had the most amount of fun doing activities I never thought I would get to do and through it all I feel healthier and fitter. I am overwhelmed. I will keep this up forever as there’s no going back for me now. I owe a big indebtedness to Darren who helped me so much and never let me falter.“


Weight loss testimonial

“What can I say but a really massive thank you for Darren’s Guidance, I feel incredible and without his help I could not have done this. All my friends are raving about my new figure and I cannot stop smiling. Anyone else reading this and unsure what to do to start, just jump in and see what you’re capable of because without a push nothing will change, I’m testament of that, I wasted far too long procrastinating.” For me that push was Darren and his support through it all.”


Weight loss testimonial

“I was always bothered not so much about my overall weight but more about my shape. I felt apprehensive about wearing tightish clothing as my mid-section always carried the weight. I tried by myself but nothing ever changed. Finally I reached out to Darren in desperation. It only took several months to virtually get rid of my mid-section and feel more toned and healthy. I can’t believe I hesitated for so long! Darren is simply the best coach I have ever worked with over the years. He somehow know how to motivate me almost by instinct and I should mention that I did not diet at all. I feel amazing and its all thanks to Darren’s professional ability and his lovely personality.”


Weight loss testimonial

“I decided to get into shape for the very first time in my entire life so I went to meet Darren on the recommendation of a friend of mine who already had taken action. Darren was so lovely and kind toward me it made me feel very comfortable straight away. The after picture is around 6 weeks later and you can already see the improvements to my body. I have only had fun, eaten normally and taken no supplements. I simply cannot understand how easy it has been and only regret not taking some action before now! Darren is simply marvellous and I really owe him a hell of a lot.”



Darren has supported me every step of the way, pushed me when it has been needed and praised me when required. I feel Darren has gone that step further than you would normally expect. Monitoring my food and exercise really helped. Some people think I don’t eat, but I eat all day and night, good food of course, I eat out and even though I am at the gym between five to six times a week I have a wicked social life and I am happier than ever. What more can I say but thank you to Darren, you have changed my life, turned it upside down and given me something that no one else could. I have lost the fat and gained a very good friend for life.

Trusha Patel

I had known several others die from heart attacks under the age of 50, it was no joke. I tried to diet and joined a gym. Like many others I never had the motivation or stamina to get the results I needed and nothing changed. I went on a beach holiday, I felt very uncomfortable lying on the beach looking the way I did. Something had to Change. I called Darren for help. I knew it would not be easy but recognised that I could not do this by myself. I needed help and fast! I have tried all I can do and it is not working. Darren arranged for me to do the Weight Management Programme I had heard about previously. The first day I managed only 5 minutes of brisk walking and some exercises, then I slept for an hour to recover. The Nutritional help is Brilliant and I have to say the Change Coaching was the real secret. I did persist and am very Happy to say I have lost well over a stone and a half, have much more stamina, am more productive at work, and play, and I am much happier. I am really pleased I made this LIFE SAVING AND LIFE ALTERING decision, I now carry on with Darren on his Consultancy Service in London. I am Happy to report that I am successfully maintaining my weight without dieting! That can’t be bad!

Gary Lester

Weight loss before and after

I just had to write to you to say a big thank you for all the help you have been to me. As you know I have lost approximately 4½ stone with your help and have worked out even with a really bad back which you have always helped with by taking note and making sure that I am in the right position for each exercise.  If someone had told me that I would be able to run further than 20 yards, I would have told them that they were mad, but you believed in me, and now even at 57 years of age and have not exercised except in the last three years, I can run and run.  I didn’t know how many miles but just to think you want me to do a half marathon the mind just boggles, it’s so very exciting.  Your consulting has guided me perfectly and I wouldn’t be where I am now, without you do thank you again Darren.

 Audrey Godfrey

When I first met Darren, my plan was to lose weight and get fit. In my first year of working with Darren I burnt two stone. Darren pushes me to the absolute limit, adapting his approach to suit my mood for example: One day if I am full of energy he encourages me to reach limits which previously had been unthinkable. If another day I am tired and reluctant to exercise he uses humour and his strength of character to turn the tables and within 10 minutes I am raring to go.

When it comes to losing weight, for me personality is everything and Darren is flexible and very easy going. As a weight loss consultant I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. My body and health are different, my mind is different, my emotions are different and as a result, my whole life is now different.

June Wilson

Weight loss testimonial

There must be many like me – in my middle 50’s and suffering from being overweight, I had attempted exercise and tried every diet going but always ending up heavier than before. My starting weight was 107 kilo.

Meeting Darren changed all of that. Right from the beginning I felt my will power coming back, with a wish to succeed and maintain a positive drive. He was the catalyst to a sensible lifestyle mix of healthy eating and exercise. He built on your achievements as your progress happens; before you know it being out of breath does not stop you anymore, you have renewed energy and a positive approach to life. It’s not obvious at first but mentally little things change and then as if by magic a new body shape emerges and exercise becomes addictive! Burning off weight means it stays off and with it health dramatically improves. Darren has taught me how to take control of my life, the importance of exercise as we mature and that it is never too late to start any exercise programme. My end weight was 85 kilo.

Sally Little

Darren is simply amazing, I still cannot get over how easily I lost 3 stones, because I did not diet in anyway and I didn’t eat less, so am not sure how this happened but I am over the moon, my wife and I have bonded as a result because before my health was becoming a major issue. My journey started with Darren’s book “Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” and from there I attend his Masterclass. I am lucky to have discovered his coaching and I would highly advise anyone reading this to trust Darren.

Ranjeet Kaur

When I first met Darren, I saw exercise as a necessary evil in order to get my weight back on track. Within two weeks of training with him, I found the exercise content to be fun and always finished the sessions smiling and feeling rejuvenated. I started to look forward to the 30 minute workouts and would ensure that I could attend as many days as possible in a week. Darren not only pointed out the physical benefits of exercise but the impact of a healthy diet on my physical and mental welfare. I continue to follow the eating plan as closely as possible and can adhere to it for 90% of the time as it easy to maintain and requires little or no effort keep up within normal daily activity.

Since starting my exercise and eating plan, I have not only gained control over my weight but also seen a change in my outlook and levels of energy. I am no longer a couch potato and the upturn in my physical activity has led to a great improvement in my quality of life.

Thank you, Darren,!

Sally Winup

Weight loosing

I am married and mum to three boys. I have never had a big weight problem until about two and a half years ago when my weight steadily crept up to thirteen and a half stone. I felt too ashamed to tell my husband how much I weighed and found myself having to wear non flattering, baggy clothes to cover my increasing size. It was when it got to this stage that I decided I needed to do something about it, not only for appearances sake but for my health, my future, and so I can be around for my children and their children.

Last May I received a leaflet through the door for a weight loss women’s only club, and I realised that it was just what I needed. I gave them a call and arranged a visit, this is when I met Darren. We discussed my situation and my goals and he put together a program and arranged a trial session. I felt so inspired to lose weight and get fit that I signed up there and then. After a couple of weeks, we discussed food and I changed my eating habits. By the summer holiday I had gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and was buying summer clothes that I never thought I would be able to wear. Since then I have lost another stone and now weigh 10 and a half stone. I’m so proud of what I have achieved, as are my friends and family who think I have done brilliantly and look great. I can now wear any clothes I like. I never thought when I met Darren that I would lose the weight so quickly and feel so fantastic. All I can say is a big thank you to Darren.

Ann Gibbons

Please note: As per the request of some attendants, some of the pictures in the testimonials used have been changed to protect personal identity due to UK-GDPR. However all testimonials on this page are genuine and from real people.