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DCR Banner

Taster Webinar

This is the very beginning of a journey…

A journey that will navigate you to your final destination – Permanent Weight Loss.

The Taster Webinar is a completely FREE service that I offer, to take you from a standing still – wondering what to do / which way to go / what to do first etc…

To – making a start!

It’s a 30+ minute, motivational online presentation that you can watch at your leisure, to unclutter the confusion, and reverse engineer the perceived obstacles.

You’ll Discover 3 simple yet, Powerful things:

– What’s ‘holding’ you back

– 3 simple steps to ‘immediate’ change

– Next bitesize step to continue your ‘navigated’ journey

 If you would like to experience a sit down, relaxed and short informative presentation, that will be the very beginning of a shift for you in your Life, with regards to your physical Shape, Health and general Wellbeing, then this is what the Taster Webinar is all about.

 It’s all about starting a new journey. Your journey…

This is a completely FREE 30+ minute first introductory meeting between you and me.

It’s also potentially your first taste of what PERMANENT Weight Loss is, and why it is possible.

It is delivered online as video PPP so you will hear me narrate whilst, you will see visual slides and together, it will explain why traditional weight loss fails and what you need to begin to do, to go in the opposite direction – towards Success.

This is just a “Taster” of the entire Weight Loss Success journey and process, and so this is designed for you if you are currently overweight or just not in the Shape you want to be.

Maybe you have been putting off the dreaded diet because while on the one hand you really do want to feel healthier and have a great figure / physique – on the other hand…

You also remember all too well the ‘PAIN’ of the other ‘100’ times before, where you have starved yourself, maybe took on an overwhelming exercise commitment and generally, hated the experience which just ended in disappointment and disillusionment every time.

If so, then you need to do something radically different.

Radically different does not mean extreme or ‘more’ difficult – ironically and luckily, it means the opposite of this. Something simple, easy, enjoyable, Pleasurable in fact and even fun!

I know this doesn’t sound possible – especially if we also presume to produce a very positive result called Successful Weight loss – that even then lasts Permanently, but I’m here to tell you – this IS VERY POSSIBLE indeed and this is what the Taster Webinar will reveal to you.

It will take you from a standing still point – to making a start. A Great start!


This Taster Webinar, like ALL of my Weight Management Programs, are purely based on a Pleasurable experience, not a painful one. You will reach your target Weight with:


NO dieting – NO supplements – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘treats’ – NO change to your Lifestyle – NO painful exercise – in other words, there is NO risk to you…

Here’s what Ann Achieved with DCR:

“I am married and mum to three boys. I have never had a big weight problem until about two and a half years ago when my weight steadily crept up to thirteen and a half stone. I felt too ashamed to tell my husband how much I weighed and found myself having to wear non flattering, baggy clothes to cover my increasing size. This is when I met Darren. We discussed my situation and my goals and he put together a program. I felt so inspired to lose weight and get fit that I signed up there and then. After a couple of weeks, we discussed food and I changed my eating habits. By the summer holiday I had gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and was buying summer clothes that I never thought I would be able to wear. Since then I have lost another stone and now weigh 10 and a half stone. My husband, Andrew, now finds me irresistible and is so proud of what I have achieved, as are my friends and family who think I have done brilliantly and look great. I can now wear any clothes I like. I never thought when I met Darren that I would lose the weight so quickly and feel so fantastic. All I can say is a big thank you to Darren.”

Ann Gibbons

Weight loosing

So Opt-in now and begin to navigate yourself toward Pleasurable Weight Loss that is not just attainable, but easily maintainable through time.