7 Top Tips for Successful Permanent Weight Loss Management

Permanent Weight Loss Management in London is a service that my team and I facilitate to people from all walks of life, from the top C level Executives all the way through to parents at home. What is Permanent Weight Loss Management in London?

Think of traditional weight loss – what do you think of? Most people would describe ‘dieting’ and ’painful exercise’ as examples. What else do you think of? Again some people describe supplements and cutting out tasty food etc… Weight loss statistics consistently reveal that 95% of attempts fail and this is very disappointing. When medical weight management is needed, the numbers change.

Well Permanent Weight Loss Management in London is the complete opposite. Imagine NO dieting, NO calorie counting, NO cutting out any food groups, NO cutting out your tasty and naughty foods, NO painful exercise and, STILL achieving a Successful weight loss that then lasts forever, literally Permanently.

Permanent Weight Loss Management in London is proud to offer you here 7 top tips for Successful weight loss that are tried and tested:




Would you be interested in Permanent Weight Loss Management in London or even online, where it would lead you to effortless Results?

Who wouldn’t!

We have Successfully helped over 100,000 individuals through our courses, books, webinars and direct 1-2-1 consultancy. Permanent Weight Loss Management in London is a rare service as most, very much most of the traditional weight loss industry, advocates eating less and drastic lifestyle changes to attempt to create the result of weight loss, other than the pain and duress of the person experiencing all this for weeks and months on end, even if they achieve their weight loss goal or close to it, they now face a problem of gargantuan proportions – attempting to maintain this result over the next 20 years!

Permanent Weight Loss Management in London address this challenge – in advance and uses simple, easy, enjoyable even pleasurable approaches to weight loss, so that the chance of Success not only exponentially increases, but once you reach the far end of having Successfully achieved your weight loss, maintaining it is a piece of cake ( pardon the pun! ). Medical weight management is for those individuals with rare cases of extreme needs but for everyone else, the strategies offered by Permanent Weight Loss Management in London will not just be suffice but will supersede expectations.


Importance of weight management

Weight loss versus weight management – one is where you potentially lose, only to potentially gain it back, and the other is where you objectively lose the goal weight, and then keep it off permanently because you are successfully managing the situation, make sense? Which would you, and millions of other people prefer?! Remember – weight loss statistics consistently reveal that 95% of attempts fail and this is very disappointing. Permanent Weight Loss Management in London aims to change the weight loss industry.

So HOW do you manage a situation? It boils down to something being a pleasurable process. Think about it, if something is difficult, hard, troublesome, painful etc… how long can you endure that for before you want to run the other way? Conversely if something is easy, fun, simple and pleasurable, does it take any effort at all? In this case you usually can’t get enough! So converting the process from a painful one – to a pleasurable one is one of the most powerful secrets to successful weight loss that is withheld from the mainstream public eye. The importance of weight management can’t be emphasised enough. Our permanent weight loss management in London has this handled.

Comprehensive weight loss

Covering ALL bases, versus dabbling in this and that. Usually, not always but commonly an individual will just wake up one morning, decide they need to do something about their bodyweight situation and immediately begin a restricted calorie diet, they may or may not include some exercise and if they do it could be something they don’t usually do ( if they did they may not be overweight in the first place! ) so they start something in truth, they probably aren’t going to sustain. What do you think will be the sum result of this someone who has no real direction, no defined outcome and just takes action in the moment ( which is great in and of itself ) but without a plan, will just get lost in the jungle of weight loss. A comprehensive weight loss is something we at permanent weight loss management in London again ensure is taken care of.



Carbs aren’t necessarily bad for you if that makes sense. They are however the MAIN culprit  – NOT from a calorific viewpoint, but the chemical and hormonal viewpoint – for having excess body Fat on your body. “No – no – no” you say, “Fats are the problem not the Carbs.” At permanent weight loss management in London  we educate individuals as well as change their bodies. What people don’t realise ( they say ignorance is bliss, actually ignorance will COST YOU something ) is that any Carb that is NOT used by the body, is eventually turned INTO a fatty acid – and stored as FAT anyway!! Consumption of excess Fats can also convert into excess stored body Fat, that is true however, traditionally – most individuals attempting to Lose Weight predominantly ‘choose’ a low Fat intake. Those individuals who eat low Fat – because they are trying to avoid Fat – so that they avoid getting Fat – end up having to eat a higher Carb intake for palatable reasons and to get sufficient calories in. So guess what happens to all those excess Carbs that don’t get used each day? Take a wild guess??? They turn into FAT! This person has just gone round in a closed and predictable loop! They end up having excess Fat on their body still, despite the logic of them avoiding the Fats. Permanent weight loss management in London again ensure is taken care of and that your carbs and fats intake is balanced. Where medical weight management is required the information here changes slightly.



Proteins were first discovered in 1838. They are among the most actively studied molecules in biochemistry. The word Protein is derived from a Greek word ‘protas’ meaning of ‘primary importance’ because of the essential role of Proteins in sustaining Life. Permanent weight loss management in London encourages a balanced protein intake. They are of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE. Meaning they supersede every other macronutrient! Including Carbohydrate – which remember – contains NO nutrients, ONLY energy in the form of sugar. Protein has 4 calories per gram and is metabolic. Metabolic in the sense it contributes to the metabolism in a favourable manner. The body can covert Protein into Sugar IF it needs it. The Liver would strip the amino acid molecule of its nitrogen component and this would in effect turn what’s left into a sugar. The body can also convert Protein ( amino acids ) into Fat ( fatty acids ) if need be. Protein is a very adaptable thing indeed! However, the chance / probability of an excess Protein turning into sugar is small and even smaller for it being converted into a Fat. Just be aware that it can potentially happen. However, the body’s ability – and probability of converting excess sugar ( Carbs ) flowing around in the blood into a Fat in comparison – is HIGH. Lowering your Carbs intake will go a long, long, long way to ensuring that you have NO excess sugar ( at least much less ) to CONVERT into Fat, therefore – when you do perform your Aerobic exercise, the energy used will come MOSTLY from stores of current body Fat. This is called a Win – Win! At our permanent weight loss management in London our clients are educated on this. So begin the process of understanding that Carbohydrate, although not a bad thing or evil or alike, IS though the potential enemy here. Protein is the ally that will come and rescue you and save the day! Weight loss statistics are dismal but can change and this increased protein intake can turns the tables. Permanent weight loss management in London is a place where I work with clientele and figure out the best rations for macronutrients intake for them.


Good Fats

They ALL originate from nature and are not made by human hands or from human thoughts! These fats come from the earth, or from creatures crawling on the earth or swimming in the Waters above the earth. At my permanent weight loss management in London office, I help people to overcome their fears of consuming plentiful good healthy fats. These Fats will help you to live longer and with a Better Quality of existence. These Fats will help not hinder, your Weight Loss process. So what are the MAIN sources? Oily fish – any and all. Nuts and seeds – any and all. Olives ( not olive oil ). Coconut ( not coconut oil ). Egg yolk. Avocado etc…Begin the process of understanding that some Fats are very important – in fact some are ESSENTIAL to obtain dietarily – meaning you MUST consume them in your food as your body can NOT make them inside your body or from other foods you do consume. Thus avoiding Fats all together or eating low Fat puts you in jeopardy of negative side effects because while you are avoiding the bad Fats ( good thing ) by avoiding Fats as a whole – you simultaneously avoid bringing in the Good Fats and the ESSENTIAL FATS ( this is BAD ). At permanent weight loss management in London we factor your fat ( total, bads and goods ) into the equation when we assess you. There is a better STRATEGY… Keep the intake of the BAD Fats low and keep the intake of Good Fats high. This shift in the balance between the 2 means similar or same calories will still be coming in, but this way you get all the benefits the GOOD.



Simple – increase the amount of fresh plain water you consume. That is as complex as it gets. At permanent weight loss management in London our clients increase anything up till 4 litres per day. Where medical weight management  is needed, this is not recommended. Water is one of the most powerful fat burns – in existence. Don’t underestimate it!  The importance of weight management is intricately connected with sufficient water intake. A comprehensive weight loss involves increased water intake.



Don’t count your calories. Permanent weight loss management in London or anywhere for that matter can happen if you use this approach. The number of calories coming in is NOT as important as the source from which they come. There are dozens of contributory factors as well. If Protein has been increased. Water has been increased. Fats ( good ones ) have been increased. Bad Fats have just been decreased and Carbohydrates have been reduced noticeably ( but not severely ) from the base starting amount. Similar calories are coming IN but the CHEMISTRY inside your body is definitely different – THIS – is what will CAUSE the increased Fat Burn effect… Along with the Exercise you are doing ( you are doing aren’t you?!?! ) Which will act to Stimulate the muscle, thus the metabolism and also produce the SHAPE you Desire. At permanent weight loss management in London we do not reduce your calories, in fact we encourage you to increase them!


weight loss management


Weight loss statistics say 95% of weight loss attempts fail so use the strategies presented here to change that for yourself into something more positive. Permanent weight loss management in London is a service available to you if you would like to make permanent progress.

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