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New Life

All of the following Weight Management Programs, consist of Purely Pleasurable ways to achieve a Permanent Weight Loss and involve, a very particular navigated journey…

You may be wondering which of my services you should do first, then next, or which ones to consider omitting etc…

The answer will depend on where you are on your path – at the very beginning just starting, or further upstream, or near the end of the river, maybe you haven’t even started yet but want to make a start!

For simplicity, and to remove the complication and confusion, I have designed my Weight Loss / Management Program journey, very carefully and very specifically for you, so that you don’t get lost, left hanging anywhere, overwhelmed or stuck.

The journey is linear and navigated, meaning all you need to do is take each step in Sequential order ( as shown below by arrows ) for Maximum Results.

This following is the journey for someone who has not started a weight loss plan but wants to – yet they feel overwhelmed by the whole experience, maybe even dread it because subconsciously they believe it will just end in doom – like last time!

If this is you or similar, then the ideology would be the following navigated journey ( your free to adapt of course but based on my 30 years’ Experience and Expertise, I highly advise you to take this suggested route ) please click each one to read more details:


“Taster” Webinar

Is a completely FREE 30+ minute first introductory meeting between you and me, and your first taste of what PERMANENT Weight Loss is, and why it is possible. It is delivered online as a video PPP. If you haven’t started to get back into Shape just yet, this is where you should start.

“Only For The Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” Book

Is the next simple, cost effective yet very IMPORTANT step in the journey after the taster introduction. You will Discover the how to do, to add to your understanding. Every single service you see offered on this page – has it’s origin in this book!

“Bite-Size” mini-course

After the taster and book comes your first video interaction with me and your next progressive step in this journey toward Permanent Weight Loss. This is a step-by-step mini-course covering Psychology, Exercise and Nutrition. 10 videos, each one of which is under 10 minutes, so it’s easily digested and absorbable, hence the name!

6 Week Weight Loss OnlineProgram

You may prefer to take this route instead as an alternative to the Bite-Size mini-course. 42 days of ‘real time’ critical support emotionally, and logistically. Imagine the book – delivered to you every day straight into your inbox every morning from me and my team. A simple, practical and thus effective approach to Success.

“Full Menu” Masterclass

By now you would be well on your way to Pleasurable Weight Loss that is not only effortless, but is actually working. You are making Significant progress. Now comes this 3 hour Masterclass to catapult you into the deeper water. This is a video experience or, you can choose to attend a live version instead, either way this interaction provides the specificity to the base material you went through, in the book or the Bite-Size mini-course or the Online Weight Loss Program.

“Consultancy” Coaching

Next comes the possibility of direct 1-2-1 live phone or live video interaction between you and me. You may wish to skip this step and progress to the next, but the option is there if personalised attention is your preference.

“Banquet” Maxi-Course

Reach the finish line – Triumphant!

Imagine being hungry, and entering a hall where there is a huge banquet laid out for you to feast! Your choice is unlimited, it would be impossible to leave hungry. This Maxi-Course is 20 videos, all under 20 minutes each. Almost 7 hours of me to you through video providing an all-out, no holding back any information on Successful Weight Loss.

“S.O.S Body” Method

Skip if you’re a man…

An offline package program, that is for women only, who are struggling – to get into great shape by themselves. It involves very personalised attention, this is direct intensive coaching. 1-2-1 phone calls and 1-2-1 video calls as well as, 1-2-1 meets in person all combine, to produce phenomenal weight loss success.

“B.O.S.S” System

Skip if you’re a woman…

An offline package program, that is for men only, who are struggling – to get a great physique by themselves. It involves very personalised attention, this is direct intensive coaching. 1-2-1 phone calls and 1-2-1 video calls as well as, 1-2-1 meets in person all combine, to produce phenomenal weight loss success.

“Live in London” Event

The final and most powerful piece of the jigsaw.

The Flagship product. An entire weekend spent in a top London 5 star hotel in person with DCR and his team. Begins Friday evening and ends Sunday evening. Over 48 hours of immersion and intensity that will decimate anything blocking you from Losing Weight PERMANENTLY.


If you are a VIP or represent one and wish to discuss VIP Coaching, then please get in touch and I can answer all your questions. In the mean time you may wish to see the VIP page on this site for further information.