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Welcome to this movement. Wikipedia defines a movement as:

“An organized effort by a large group of people to achieve a particular social goal.”


The Revolution for Weight Loss Evolution is a cause set in motion, to change the effects of the world’s current adult overweight & obesity problem, and reduce the figures over the next 5 years, thus increasing the health of the worldwide population.

The intent of this movement is to force the Governments of the world into greater efforts to tackle the overweight and obesity epidemic.

The Revolution for Weight Loss Evolution is in essence, is a well-meaning revolt against the current outdated and inefficient weight loss model, so that we can collectively as a globe, ‘jolt it’ and cause it to evolve into it’s next ‘natural stage of development.’

The weight loss industry is inherently still in its’s infancy and it has not progressed really very much over the decades, the world however has changed dramatically in the last 50 years and as a result of this stunted growth in the weight loss arena and a lack of alignment with the world, we have major global health problems and implications in the present tense.

With the Covid-19 worldwide epidemic in 2020 and 2021, what was an already struggling situation for worldwide health / weight control figures, became an even more complicated and potentially limiting one. With less overall opportunity and freedom to be able to exercise outdoors, coupled with increased comfort eating as people try to deal with their disempowered emotional states during this uncertain time, the problem has exponentially increased.

Without direct intervention on a significant global scale, the world’s health will continue to decline in the future tense…


Key Facts Worldwide From The World Health Organisation –


Overweight in Adults:

• In 1980, there were 857 Million Adults Overweight. Today, an estimated 2.5 Billion Adults are Overweight.
40% of Adults Worldwide are Overweight.


Obesity in Adults:

• Worldwide Obesity has nearly Tripled since 1975.
650 Million Adults are Obese… That’s 13% of the World’s Population.



By 2026 to accomplish a 35% or lower overweight figure ( from its current 40% ) and a 10% or lower obesity figure ( from its current 13% ).

These expectations are modest and realistic. Unrealistic and wild ideals at this point will only serve the ‘feel good factor’ but not produce tangible results in the 3 dimensional world. From these deliverables, the world will be moving in the right direction and the momentum gained will be invaluable.

Objectively the aim is to increase the health and wellbeing of the worlds population so that longevity and quality of life can be increased.



Figures are rising every year despite, a world focused ( in part at least ) on health and fitness and wellbeing etc… It is clear that the current ( and past tense ) status quo is infective and only leading to worse scenarios based on imperial data collected and provided by the WHO ( World Health Organisation ).

Something needs to be done and urgently to deal with the situation to create effective solutions that empower people, produce better effects and changes the direction of the worlds health.

It should be noted that health and weight are strongly connected. Anything that effects one automatically be default, positively affect the other. Weight loss isn’t just a vanity issue, it is a very serious and significant part of a human beings health. The ultimate aim isn’t weight loss in and of itself, it is better health for human beings but addressing weight loss is a means to that end.

The emphases is on on weight because, working backward won’t work, if we keep the overweight and obesity figures ( which will only spiral out of control and increase left unchecked with the current approach ) and attempt to improve health we are at the effect, if however we can reduce these figures by focusing on getting the weight down, then health will be automatically – improved as a favourable consequence. This will allow for and contribute to additional positive changes in health, this isn’t a ‘do & done,’ it’s an ongoing process.

The topic here is about physical overweight and physical obesity however, our mental and emotional state is intricately connected to the physical and so while the description and emphasis is on the physical problem, it is to be noted that this itself is an effect and not the cause. The cause originates in mindset ( thinking and deciding ), feelings and behaviours.


Actions of the Movement

There is a petition that you can sign whether you just want to be passive or actively involved. If we achieve enough signatures – we can approach the U.K Government and that would be a significant milestone.


To see the petition please Click Here


Education is first and foremost. Without new knowledge, we can’t have new results. Raising conscious awareness through education is paramount. The public need to have increased exposure and awareness through all channels of the media online and offline.



Based on 3 simple Parmenter’s, again, this movement is attempting to instigate a shift. In and of itself, this movement, and that shift isn’t going to be sufficient to facilitate the aims of the movement but it is a starting point so while these 3 aims are plain and simple they are not to be devalued…


1. To improve the MENTAL HEALTH of the world’s population.

2. To get the world’s population to MOVE MORE meaning, being more active.

3. To get the world’s population to REDUCE SUGAR intake.


Mental Health:

The intent is to improve people’s mental wellbeing, empower them, give them encouragement, give them support, give them inspiration and even a bit of consequence of not taking action. Humans need positive reinforcement as well as being conscious of the negative consequences of not taking certain actions and while some may see that as negative it is on the contrary, empowerment.

An individual who is fully informed, is empowered to make appropriate decisions. An individual who is not fully informed about actions, possible effects etc… Can only make the decisions about what to do from a place of limitation and invariably that will lead to ending up somewhere that causes more pain and problems in their life as they didn’t make the correct decisions earlier up stream / lack of education and conscious awareness.


Move More:

To get people being more physically active that they currently are. If we can get the world’s population physiologically moving more and moving more often, this will go a long way toward the attainment of the aim of this movement. People need to find activities that they enjoy and associate pleasure to doing, then they will be more consistent. If they only do things that are painful based they won’t continue. A simple and classic example is people going to a gym to get healthier or lose weight. The majority of people don’t continue because for them it is not enjoyable so again, we need to empower people to find other ways to move their body.


Reduce Sugar:

Lastly to reduce the sugar intake both directly and indirectly, of all the possible dietary elements we could action, this one is incredibly simple, widespread, instant and costs little or nothing. Again as a starting point we need to gain some momentum, and if people can cut back on sugar and negative calorie intake it will contribute toward helping to shift excess weight. Other nutritional changes will be included as the movement picks up attention but this is the first action to start that momentum.


If overall we can help people to think and feel better, thus be more inclined to move more and more often whilst cutting back on their sugar intake somewhat, then positive results will automatically follow ( cause / affect ).

The specifics of how we facilitate improving Mental Health worldwide, Moving More worldwide and Reducing Sugar intake worldwide is far more complex than can be presented in this brief manifesto, but we will be adding strategies to the movements action plan as time goes by.

There is a petition that you can sign whether you just want to be passive or actively involved. If we achieve enough signatures – we can approach the U.K Government and that would be a significant milestone.


To see the petition please Click Here


Specific Action and Emphasis In The Weight Loss Environment

What / why / how / who:

To take the weight loss industry out of its dated 19th century model – into – the 21st century world. To jolt and cause it to evolve into it’s next natural stage of development. If we don’t, if we just let it stagnate as it is, nothing will change or the evolution will take a very long time to work ( it hasn’t changed in 50 years – and has no reason to change within the next 50 years either without a shove! )

The past tense and present tense weight loss industry fails miserably… Statistics for over 50 years confirm that around 95% – 99% of everyone that decides to lose weight – fails. They don’t fail per say, the strategy they use, and thus the industry from which that strategy is offered – fails. The time for a Game Changer is long overdue.

The 19th and 20th century model is predominately based on cutting back on calorie intake ( dieting ) and or taking supplements to enhance weight reduction. While these approaches do work, they only work for a very small portion of the population ( 1– 5% ).

Something else needs to be presented and delivered to the public so they have greater resources at their disposal, more and better options to choose from. If 95%-99% of the population fail then the current available models is by evidence, not opinion, failing and ineffective. We need to increase the options available to the public to meet the needs of the failing 95%+.

To be clear – people are still free to diet and count calories and take supplements to lose weight, we are not taking away peoples freedom, but we are sharing with people the knowledge and understanding that it can be done without having to use a limited model if they want, we are in effect giving people a greater choice about their options.


Potential Challenges

Information Overwhelm & Disengagement:

While this new knowledge is essential, it is potentially only going to be lost amongst the millions of goggle pages, YouTube videos and alike. In addition, knowledge in and of itself without engagement is also useless, so we need to combine this with an emotional association.

We need to drive this knowledge into people in emotional ways so it carries more impact. Human behaviour is emotionally driven so we need to present this new knowledge in entertaining and engaging ways.



Gain the support of important figures in the world of entertainment since they carry significant influence capabilities and can positively affect millions of people.


Perceived antagonism from the weight loss industry:

This is NOT an attack on any person or company in the weight loss industry. Individuals who sells supplements to promote weight loss for example, or companies that promote a particular way of eating, all play their part in the Success of weight loss. 1% – 5% of people Succeed in losing weight so the system works yes, BUT only works for an incredibly tiny portion of the whole. We are very happy for all those people that have Successfully lost weight over the years using the traditional method, so we are NOT denigrating the current approach for those where it works.

ONLY where it has not worked, the 95% – 99%. This movement is only trying to provide the other 95% – 99% of the populous with an alternative approach if the current models for them don’t work however, with the best intention in the world and a very clear mandate for collaboration not conflict, vested interests, out of fear, will inevitably misinterpret and attack to protect themselves from what is falsely perceived as a threat to their livelihood..



We actively re-affirm that are working with the current weight loss industry – NOT against it. Collaboration and joint venture is being presented NOT a battle or a conflict. We are adding to, not taking anything away, from the industry. That we have no interest in denigrating the current weight loss industry for individuals or companies that have a clear vested interest in their service or product.



How to Help:

Initially by collaborating with Successful journalists and Significant influencers who can help to highlight the problem and this plight, through their respective mediums.

There is also a petition that you can sign. If we achieve enough signatures – we can approach the U.K Government and that would be a significant milestone.


To see the petition please Click Here


World Governments:

This movement will work with the governments of the world to facilitate the appropriate changes for their economy, culture, society etc…



We will be constantly adding and expanding the HOW to reach people as time goes by.



We represents myself, Darren Christopher Rowland and anyone and everyone else who joins this movement.


Who am I?:

My name is Darren Christopher Rowland ( DCR ) D.H.F N.A.S.M and I am an experienced professional Life Coach whose been specialising in Permanent ( Not temporary ) Weight Loss to top VIP from around the world since 2012.

I am a Multi Award-Winning International Life Coach and Author including most recently: Best London Life Coach, Best U.K Life Coach, Best International Life Coach, Leading Specialist in Weight Loss & Weight Management and #1 Amazon International Best Seller Co-Author between 2018 & 2021.

I have Authored “Only For The Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” and Co-Authored “Cracking The Rich Code.” CTRC is endorsed by Tony Robbins and written in collaboration with Jim Britt, one of the World’s Top 20 Coaches. It’s all about Success, how to get it and how to Win in Life. The book has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news.

I qualified in the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have over 30 years of experience in the field of Exercise Physiology and the field of Nutrition, I’ve been designing Exercise Programs and Nutritional Programs since 1991. I’ve been Life Coaching since 2001 and have a vast experience in the field of Psychology.

In Life Coaching, I help people to realise their Dreams in Life by providing solutions to their problems. I help them to make emotional and behavioural Changes that they may be struggling to make alone, so that they are freed from limitations and get to experience all the Rewards they deserve.


Joining the movement:

It’s free and simple to join, and has 2 paths that you can choose from… Passive or Active.

Passive is casual support, general, loose support for the movement. Helping by sharing it through any medium available to you, no commitment to anything etc…

Active is being engaged in the movement, being involved in its growth, its forward propulsion and commitment to the overall aim. Sharing it with as many people as you can, interviewing me if you can for additional info, publicising the movement etc…

As mentioned, there is a petition that you can sign if you wish to whether you’re passive or active. If we achieve enough signatures – we can approach the U.K Government and that would be a significant milestone.


To see the petition please Click Here



While I am the creator of this movement, and I offer in-line solutions with this manifesto, I make it very clear here, that people are NOT limited to using my tools and services, this is a movement of the people – for the people and as such, anyone can contribute in providing the solution, and the public can go to wherever they feel is the best option for them.



As a globe we have many universal problems including war, poverty and famine to name a few, we also have several billion human beings who have an overweight body which reduces lifespan and quality of life. The current statistics from the WHO are worrying and indicative of our past mistakes. We have the opportunity in this present to come together as a globe, and change the destiny and health of our world’s population. We have the time, the resources, the intelligence and the motive to do it. If we don’t therefore, we have nothing to excuse ourselves from, nothing we can genuinely hide behind and it is ultimately, pure ignorance.


Heavy but True:

If we do not act and act now, there will be major repercussions that our children and our grandchildren will have to pay. That’s a bit intense I know, but it is also very true. We won’t be enduring the consequences of our actions, they will. We have a responsibility – an ability to respond – to this crises and if we don’t, then we suffer the identity of being a foolish society that we scoff so much about in our history over the millennia, but are we really any better or different?!

Our recklessness in having a modern lifestyle but not valuing our health and having some balance, comes with a cost that few people want to think about, yet ironically if we don’t act urgently, then it won’t just be thoughts in our head, it will be in the real world and then we’ll be thinking about it even more.


Thank you Sincerely:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am aware your time and energy are valuable resources so it is appreciated very much. Without your help the evolution of our world’s health and prosperity will be slower. With you help it will be faster, so in having read this manifesto you have already contributed. Thank you.

I hope you will join this “Revolution – For Weight Loss – Evolution.”