Weight Loss Online Program


NO more stress or fear about what Weight Loss route to take, with so much confusion out there it’s no wonder you may feel overwhelmed by it all. Allow DCR’s 30 years of experience to guide you safely.



Are You Currently Overweight And Concerned About Your Health?

This 6 week Weight Loss and Weight Management Online Program will take you on a hand held journey of discovery toward Success with your body Weight and your body Shape. Based on the Ground-Breaking new book “Only For The Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” this Online version will provide emotional support and bi-weekly interaction that you will receive from the comfort of your own home from DCR and his team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program designed for?

This is designed for someone who doesn’t know where to begin or how to begin the process of getting started to lose weight. Or someone who has tried everything out there in the market and is still unable to achieve a PRACTICAL weight loss that lasts.

What will I get out of doing this Program?

It will start you on a navigated journey to Permanent weight loss ( NOT a temporary fix ). You will come away with inspiration and a plan to start from. It’s a step-by-step plan that will progress you to your very own Permanent weight loss and I will be holding your hand the whole way.

Is this Program complicated?

Not in the slightest! You’ll receive 2 emails per week ( bi-weekly ) along with emotional support during your journey from DCR and his team. This design will get you up and running, sprinting in fact and the momentum will carry you forward long after this Program has ended.

How much is it?

£1,497 however, right now it is REDUCED to help you during covid-19 and to help the UK Registered Charity that will benefit from your purchase. Now is only £997