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“Permanent” Weight Loss… Without Dieting

How to Lose Weight & Permanently Maintain it – Easily! How to END the PAINFUL experience of a yo-yo Lifestyle where you can sometimes feel like you’re 2 different people leading 2 different lives!


My 30+ years of experience in the weight loss industry has led me to conclude that losing weight has got to be one of the most sought after results tons of people attempt worldwide, with good reason…

Being in shape is indicative of health, success and sexual appeal to name a few, but sadly, the majority of the time the majority of the people don’t actually achieve their desired weight loss, or, they struggle to maintain the weight loss and inevitably put the same weight, sometimes more, back on.


Everyone has either done it or is doing it. Most, very much most, will continue to do it in the future too.


What’s the problem?


The Success rate, or the lack thereof! Statistics over many decades verify that around 90% – 95% of people who try to lose weight, actually fail. In other words, up to 95% of everyone who has or will ever try will fail. Pretty bleak and very informative these statistics are. It shows, clearly, that what 95% out of a possible 100% people do is plainly ‘wrong’. Yet there seems to be no let-up in these statistics ever-changing.


What’s the holy grail of the weight loss industry? 


PERMANENT weight loss. Believe it or not – this is very possible and for many people it is reality I assure you. The 5% – 10% that lose weight and keep the weight OFF show qualities that the other 90% – 95% don’t.


My Permanent weight loss consultation in London service, ensures my clients DON’T endure this terrible statistic!


Are you for example, someone who struggles to even lose the weight in the first place? or struggles to maintain any weight loss you do make? Is it either or both?


Most people most of the time struggle and fail with the 2nd half of the equation – keeping the weight off, or weight management as it would be called. This is where people need the help. Yes losing the weight is a struggle but people do usually Successfully manage to lose some weight whenever they try even if it is a small amount, the challenge is then, in the 2nd instance, keeping ‘that weight’ ( weight lost ) OFF!


From statistics we know most people put that weight back on again and again and again. Often times putting more weight back on, than the weight they originally lost! and for some individuals they can run this yo-yo pattern of weight lost and weight gained back on – then repeated – endlessly in a loop – for years, even decades.


Does this or any of this represent you?


My Mission and Vision statements ( in short ) are to provide solutions to the problems people face in their everyday Life, a place where people are freed from limitation and constraints, and empowered to make changes to their lives via my permanent weight loss in London.


With that in mind, I have spent the last 2 decades Coaching thousands of individuals in both the public arena and the private realm of VIP on how, to lose weight healthily but quickly – and then most critically – how to keep the weight off – Permanently – without any dieting.

Why Do People Fail in Weight Loss?

Primarily there are only 3 main reasons :



Simply put – people have not been taught how to do this – to lose weight and keep it off. People for the most part simply have not been correctly educated on the how. People have only been educated ( badly! ) on how to lose. NOT, how to then maintain.

Correct me if I’m wrong but all we hear is weight LOSS weight LOSS and more weight LOSS, rarely do you hear about maintaining the result – the weight loss.


Most peoples ‘model’ or strategy for weight loss has come from a mix n match of reading books & magazines, listening to friends, copying film stars, social media, seeing T.V programs, the internet etc… And results in variable degrees of success and failure of the weight lost.


Through my Permanent Weight Loss Consultancy in London I see this all-the-time. We re-educate individuals through our Permanent Weight Loss Solution in London to break out of this and make real progress instead…


Weight loss is a simple 2 step process in reality, firstly lose the weight and then secondly keep that weight off ( manage the situation ).


The main Challenge is when you have a 2 step process like this, but YOU have only been taught 1 part of that 2 part process ( ever ) – then you can never logically progress and instead you have to resort – to keep repeating step 1 only over and over and over and over.


Sound familiar?


If you have been yo-yo dieting for years or decades without lasting results, now you know why!


Losing weight in the first instance could be viewed as a short term project, say 1 month to 3 months as just an example. If the person in question even manages to lose all or at least most of the weight they set out to lose, they now have an even bigger hurdle – they need to maintain this result long term, say years and decades!


Unless their Lifestyle – changes to reflect this new weight / new food regime / new workout regime etc… They will struggle to maintain it. So while they could change their Lifestyle – it is even – even harder for most people to do or consider in reality. Having a busy life including a fixed job, kids at home, having day to day responsibilities, a home to look after, friends and family to consider and so many other commitments it becomes more than a challenge.


Hence the problem. My Permanent Weight Loss Solution in London means people don’t have to suffer this dilemma!



The typical weight loss approach is painful. Do you find eating less, and resisting food you crave easy or hard?! What about doing exercise you don’t want to do?!


If your sum total experience for anything is negative, it won’t / can’t last, how could it!


Once the initial excitement and will power period are over, it becomes mundane to take the same restrictive actions over and over, very soon they lose their appeal and old habits very easily – too easily – come back, creeping in undetected or more likely – conveniently ignored! until you have stopped doing anything action related pertaining to either losing more weight or maintaining the weight already lost.


This self-sabotage is not a defect of a person’s personality, nor is it a weakness. It IS nothing more than a person’s internal compass – beliefs, values, rules, feelings, habits, anchors, fears and autopilot, that are ‘set’ in a certain way.


You must find ways to make the experience of exercising pleasurable, you must also find ways to make the experience of eating differently, pleasurable if you are to stand a fighting chance of cracking the shell holding you back over excess body weight. In my permanent weight loss in London we have our clients ONLY do this and it works magically well!



The misdirection approach – from the powers that be that make big ( huge! ) bucks from people’s pain ( of being overweight ). The weight loss industry exists not just because there is a demand and genuine need for help, but paradoxically ( rather ‘conveniently’ to the weight loss industry! ) the weight loss ‘Success rate’ has purposely been made to fail at a high rate to create a perpetual engine of demand and supply.


deliberate over confusing of the weight loss procedure to the public over the last 30 years. In other words losing weight and managing that weight loss has been purposely made confusing and thus seemingly ‘difficult’ because the powers that be profit from dependency.


The use of supplements definitely has its place in this industry, there really are some wonderful products on the market that really do help. What I am saying is that ultimately, losing weight is a psychology and that no supplement is going to help you if you don’t move your body correctly and feed your body correctly and I believe the majority of supplement makers would agree with that statement.


My strategy offers you the opportunity to lose your weight without the use of dieting or adding supplements if you don’t want to. For those that do, then I include these into the strategy for the client. My Permanent Weight Loss Management in London offers clients the opportunity to experience a revelation – Pleasurable weight loss!

How Then Do You Succeed in Weight Loss?

There are answers. The people that do successfully lose the weight and keep it off long term are examples of how it is possible to do it. How then, DO they do it? Through my Permanent Weight Loss Consultancy in London we know the answer.


To summarize it all into a simple understanding :


1 – Change the process of losing weight ( in the first instance ) into a pleasurable one ( at least neutral ).

2 – Learn something you have not yet learned. HOW to maintain the result in your Life ( in the second instance ).

3 – Disassociate from the weight loss industry that has a stronghold on you. Set yourself free.

These ‘simple’ distinctions are the formula for Success in weight loss and most importantly – weight ‘management’.


How else do some individuals Successfully lose the weight ( fat! )?


There are many answers of course but a common theme / thread that binds every success case together is that they either :


Change their Lifestyle – permanently, or, they do the only ‘other‘ thing available …


They change their own Psychology that controls everything. Sounds hard I know, but actually it is relatively easy to do – if you know-how, so then we’re back to the ‘lack of education and knowledge’ in this area I mentioned earlier, IF people knew how to do it – they would and the weight would stay off, they don’t, mostly because they don’t know-how.


I decided to specialize in Weight Management Coaching, via my Permanent Weight Loss Consultation in London, not just weight loss because people need help with the behavioural changes that result from either a change in Psychology or a change in Lifestyle. BOTH will incur a change of Behaviour and without proper Coaching on how to deal with this, the whole process of weight reduction and maintenance can ( 95% of the time with 95% of people ) collapse.

What is Weight Management Coaching?

Which would you prefer –


To lose some weight / made up of muscle and a little body fat, only to put it back on, and then go around and around repeating this cycle in varying degrees for about 20 years!




Lose the same body fat ONCE – and keep it OFF – Permanently?

If your answer is the latter, then welcome to the world of Weight Management. Weight Management is ‘managing‘ the situation. Through my Permanent Weight Loss Management in London this is exactly what our clients do, and it’s really not a tough choice is it!


Make sense?


It is therefore Coaching people on how to maintain a weight loss. As opposed to just helping someone just lose some weight – only to watch them pile it back on.


It consists of coaching individuals on correct nutritional approaches, habits and procedures, best exercise regimes that burn the most ‘fat’, and the mindset required – that ALL have the common thread in mind of – keeping the weight lost, off permanently.


The real challenge people have is not losing weight. People can do that in varying degrees of Success, the challenge the same individuals have is in the second instance – keeping the weight OFF, thus I wanted to help people manage the situation, not repeat the same cycle needlessly.


This is why we offer a Permanent Weight Loss Solution in London so that people can free themselves from this limited and stuck place.


I believe this is the answer people are desperate for and so I went about creating a model for people to work with / from. Hence the name of my Company back in 2007 that I started, in order to facilitate this specific area … ‘Easy Weight Management‘.


Through this Company I carried out Weight Management Coaching. I wanted to show people that it was indeed ‘easy‘ to manage their weight and not an impossible outcome as they had been led to believe.

How Does Weight Management Coaching Work?

Through Exercise – Nutrition – Mindset. Nothing else!


Surprisingly – the answer is along the lines of what you probably already know. However – it is the subtle differences in actions that make the largest differences – in your body!


Exercising in order to accomplish Weight Loss is different to exercising to maintain the lost weight!

Thinking to maintain an overweight body is different to the thinking that would maintain a slim body!


Eating to lose weight is different than eating to maintain the weight lost!


Losing ‘weight’ is altogether different to ‘Burning body fat‘!


My Permanent Weight Loss in London ( or as some have called it Permanent Weight Loss Consultation in London or Permanent Weight Loss Management in London ) allows me to facilitate this service to my clients and accomplish these subtle distinctions.


I accomplish everything with nothing more than same 3 elements that anybody who has ever lost any weight has used :


MOST IMPORTANTLY your Mindset is the make or break to making everything happen Successfully. This is the area people focus on the least or not at all, and yet it is more important that your nutrition or your exercise.


Eating differently for example is a mindset, not an action only. A before B is logical. B before A is illogical.


Changing your diet without ‘first’ changing your unconscious conditioning that controls it, will not work long term, as an example.


Your mental approach to managing any weight lost / burnt is of paramount significance and quite literally is the make or break of your Success or not. This is where I start when I am Coaching anyone. Through my Permanent Weight Loss Consultancy in London this is the first place we begin on anyone’s journey.


Dieting is a poor approach. There are many ways to achieve a calorific alteration – that leads to an increased metabolic rate – that leads to fat burning!


If you ask an average / random 100 people of the street ‘what is a calorie‘ for example, do you know that on average 99 – 100 cannot answer the questions correctly! There are definitions and guesses given yes but none are accurate … YET studies show that out of an average 100 people again who go on a diet, 90 – 95 restrict their calories as their strategy!


How informative that is! it means there are a lot of people who are out there right now who are doing something they have no clue about! and running a pattern that has also not worked very well previously – but running it again, anyway!


There is no judgement here, I am merely pointing out that as a society we do some pretty daft things in Life.


So if you want to be different than the rest – you need to do something different – to the rest, as well as to what you have done before in the past, thus highly likely you need a change in your Psychology as mentioned.


This is the second hardest part of the ingredients that people struggle with.


Mindset is the ingredient that people pay the least attention too or not even at all, the nutritional side is usually the first ( for some the only ) ingredient in the formula they pay attention too.


Outside of mindset, in the physical alone ( nutritional and exercise ) exercise / activity or whatever you call it personally, IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE – QUICKEST – HEALTHIEST – AND MOST SUREFIRE WAY to achieve an increased metabolic rate and thus – increased metabolism to burn fat.


Through my Permanent Weight Loss Solution in London, I Coach individuals to have them understand that the movement side of the formula is of gargantuan importance. I then Coach the individual through an appropriately based activity regime that is fun for them – yes you read correct – FUN! and I Coach the same individual day in day out if required, for however long it takes, to get them ‘conditioned’ and have the physique / figure they sought.


Exercising for fat burn is different to exercising for weight loss! Exercising for Health is different to exercising for Fitness! Exercising to maintain is different to exercising to attain in the first instance!  Your activity MUST be geared toward raising metabolism.


For some clients I Coach in weight loss and weight management, I simply create a template for them to work from and they ‘go off’ with that as they may only have a small amount to lose and or they are generally clued in. They come to me and my team at our Permanent Weight Loss in London office for this service.


Other clients, however, prefer me to fully facilitate their diet and exercise directly and on a regular basis. I will formulate an appropriate nutritional and activity-based regime that fits into their Lifestyle without disturbance. I will then interact with the client as frequently as the client requests / needs. This is more extensive of course but different people require different levels of assistance. Again these individuals will come and have a Permanent Weight Loss Consultation in London with me to get this info.


In other instances, the client will hire me to live in with them literally for the entire month or longer …


I move into their home ( usually it is a big one so there’s room for me! ) and I monitormanage and action the entire program of their psychology, nutrition and activity all day every day with the client ensuring their weight loss Success. Then, helping them to manage and maintain the weight lost going forwards. This Permanent Weight Loss Management in London service is thus carried out offsite, and on the premises of the client instead.

What is My Experience in the Weight Loss Arena?

Some have asked what is a Life Coach doing in this field, the answer is simple, it is my background. I have worked in the Weight Loss industry in some form or other for over 30 years. I continue to this day and carry out Permanent Weight Loss in London to help people make this transition from temporary – to Permanent!

My Career in the Weight Loss industry Professionally stems back to 1989!! (actually it goes further back than even that! ). I have been a Gym Instructor, a Personal Trainer, a Health Consultant, a Weight Management club operator and in the latter years a Weight Management Consultant both Nationally and Internationally, largely to the world of VIP.


In 2006, after 11 years of Personal Trainer Coaching, I started a company called Easy Health to Coach people on Health issues ( not fitness parameters ), due to the success of this niche Coaching I decided to leave the PT arena in 2007 and went on to start another company in 2007 focused on Weight Management only.


I then opened a Weight Management Club in St Albans Hertfordshire in 2008 through this company. This was not a gym, nor a weigh in only once a week club. It was a member-only / private facility for women only, who were looking to lose weight in the first instance but more importantly wanted to keep the weight off in the second instance.


A place where they could come to get that help that was sorely missing from what was available on the market. The women had a full training facility geared purely for weight loss and then weight management with full nutritional plans and approaches.


All backed up and underpinned by the most important part of the formula for the success – the Emotional support that we provided through Coaching and working with changing behaviours and habits. Everything was weight control-oriented. In the first 2.5 years we had in excess of 500 women pass through our club.


After the Success of the club, I left in late 2010 to pursue the same mission as a private consultant. Firstly to the public arena in 2011 and from there my work moved into the private sector of VIP in 2012 where it mostly continues to this day in this field under the identity of Permanent Weight Loss Consultant.


Amongst my International Coaching, I carry out Permanent Weight Loss Consultancy in London from Regent street. Some people call this Permanent Weight Loss Management in London or Permanent Weight Loss Solution in London but it’s all the same thing. If you would like to have a permanent weight loss consultation in London with me or my team, then please do get in touch to allow us to show you ways to achieve your goal – easily and Pleasurably!