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“Full Menu” Masterclass

Master Class

Are You Overweight and Concerned About Your Health?

Discover How to Lose Weight – PERMANENTLY. Not temporarily.

DCR is considered one of the Top Experts on Weight Loss. For the last Decade he has Coached VIP’s from all over the World ( who pay tens of thousands for this info ) and he has designed a Masterclass that is now available to YOU…

Please Be Aware This Is NOT Your Typical Weight Loss Advert Based On Hype & False Claims That You’ve Heard So Often

This Masterclass is very different to what you may have heard or seen before…

DCR is also very different from your mainstream weight loss ‘gurus’ and so is the information on Nutrition, Activity & Psychology he will be sharing with YOU. This information is NOT privy to the general public, but will be to you.

You will learn HOW to Lose Weight Permanently ( and effortlessly ) versus the traditional and only mainstream model for the public, which is losing weight temporarily.

DCR is famous for his Weight Management Programs that are purely based on a pleasurable experience, not a painful one. You will reach your target Weight with:

NO dieting – NO supplements – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘treats’ – NO change to your Lifestyle – NO painful exercise – in other words, there is NO risk to you…

fat woman

If you have followed the journey so far – then you will have first watched the Taster Webinar, then read “Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” Book and lastly completed the Bite-Size mini-course.

By now you would be well on your way to Pleasurable Weight Loss that is not only effortless, but is working.

What’s next?

Now comes this 3 hour Masterclass to catapult you into the deeper water. This video or live interaction provides the specificity to the base material you went through in Bite-Size. If you recall, in Bite Size we covered the necessary basics of Psychology, Exercise and Nutrition, well here in the “Full Menu” we cover the same in much more detail and specificness.

You can skip all the above and just begin with the “Full Menu” Masterclass, that works for some. The ideology however would have been the full journey because it will help you to understand the material in this Masterclass better.

This Masterclass is an in-depth, intensive assault on temporary weight loss and HOW to avoid it like the plague! You will discover the path to PERMANENT Weight Loss and thus your Self-Confidence, your High Self-Esteem.

We will cover the topics of Psychology, Exercise and Nutrition in detail.

Advanced Psychology

Advanced Activity

Advanced Nutrition

There are 2 formats for this “Full Menu” Masterclass for you to choose from:

1. An online recorded video from a previous Masterclass

2. A LIVE online video session with me held once per month


I offer both for a few different reasons:

A. Price

The pre-recorded video is cheaper and the LIVE version is more expensive.
The Value of a LIVE setting is that you get a texture of experience that far supersedes a static, pre-recorded video, because it is in REAL time, and you will therefore have the  Latest and Most up to Date Information – Available.

B. Convenience

Some people can’t or don’t want to sit for 3 hours straight and or the particular time and day is not convenient to them. They prefer to watch at a time that suits them and also break up the 3 hour recording into chunks.

C. Privacy

Some people don’t feel comfortable with a live, pressurised setting with hundreds of other people and rather, they want to action the tasks privately instead. For some weight loss is a very very personal thing.


You Will Leave This Event Feeling EMPOWERED, SECURE and CERTAIN About Your Self And Your New Future!




NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery

I attended the “Full Menu” Masterclass” from DCR and it changed my Life! Afterwards, I decided to hire Darren on a 1-2-1 basis to carry me toward my goals. Darren has supported me every step of the way, pushed me when it has been needed and praised me when required. I feel Darren has gone that step further than you would normally expect. Monitoring my food and exercise really helped. Some people think I don’t eat, but I eat all day and night, good food of course, I eat out and even though I am at the gym between five to six times a week I have a wicked social life and I am happier than ever. What more can I say but thank you to Darren, you have changed my life, turned it upside down and given me something that no one else could. I have lost the fat and gained a very good friend for life.

Trusha Patel


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


I had known several others die from heart attacks under the age of 50, it was no joke. I tried to diet and joined a gym. Like many others I never had the motivation or stamina to get the results I needed and nothing changed. In August 2006 I went on a beach holiday. I felt very uncomfortable lying on the beach looking the way I did. Something had to Change. I called Darren for help. I knew it would not be easy but recognised that I could not do this by myself. I needed help and fast! I have tried all I can do and it is not working. Darren arranged for me to do the “Full Menu Masterclass” I had heard about previously. After watching and being inspired I decided to become more active. The first day I managed only 5 minutes of brisk walking and some exercises, then I slept for an hour to recover. The Nutritional help is Brilliant and I have to say the Change Coaching was the real secret. I did persist and am very Happy to say I have lost well over a stone and a half, have much more stamina, am more productive at work, and play, and I am much happier. Now the hour passes quickly and I can easily do an hours brisk walking. I am really pleased I made this LIFE SAVING AND LIFE ALTERING decision to attend this “Full Menu” Masterclass”, I am now starting with Darren on his Consultancy Service in London. Update 2020… I am Happy to report that I am successfully maintaining my weight without dieting! That can’t be bad can it!

Gary Lester

Here's what you'll get when you attend this Masterclass...

A Power Point Presentation of the event for you to keep afterwards for you to refer to to stay on track and progress so you don't get lost.

A free introduction of my new book 'Only for the Serious - Permanent Weight Loss' for you to use as additional reference to Succeed.

A post event follow up call to see the progress your making and ensure you are on track, I will hold you accountable

Why Should I Attend This Masterclass…?

Access To The Top Leader In This Space…

Darren Christopher Rowland ( DCR ) will be your host and is an Award-Winning International VIP Life Coach who Specialises in Weight Loss & Weight Management. Proximity to these level of resources is rare – Best London Life Coach, Best UK Life Coach and Best International life Coach between 2018 and 2020.

The Benefits Of Attending…

Gain Your Self-Confidence Back. Gain Your Happiness Back. Gain Your Control Back. Gain Your Freedom Back. Gain Your Health Back. Gain Your Self-Esteem Back. Gain Your Sex Appeal Back. Gain Your Self-Worth Back. Gain Your Purpose Back. Gain Your Zest For Life Back. Gain Your Hope Back. Gain Normality Back. Gain, Gain, Gain… In other words – Get Your Life Back!

DCR Has NEVER Before Offered This To The Public…

DCR is only releasing a handful of events and dates and has no plans for the future, he is attempting to raise funds for Charity so when this is gone it may never be offered again. DCR knows how to create “out of the box” tools and strategies to create easy weight loss that can last as long as you wish without dieting or affecting your Lifestyle. That’s why VIPs pay him large sums of money… Dare to miss out?!

I want to do whatever I can to help you on your new journey, so as a bumper start, I am ‘Giving Away’ over £753 worth of value which includes, free Coaching, free information, free support and a host of other resources on PERMANENT Weight Loss.

This Masterclass is included in this package and so you will receive ‘more’ than just an online Webinar. Remember this is a journey to Success, so it is gradual and layered for you to ensure progress, NOT overload, happens for you.

To receive your personalized package, please *opt-in below* note: I wants to make it clear, I am not a salesman, as such this is not a gimmick, I limit the number of ‘Give Away’ packages each month to ensure the Quality of service and ongoing support you will receive.

Please note: As per the request of some attendants, some of the pictures in the testimonials used have been changed to protect personal identity due to UK-GDPR. However all testimonials on this page are genuine and from real people.