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DCR Banner

Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss Weekend


Stop Losing Weight Temporarily. Start Losing Weight ‘Permanently’


Spend your weekend ‘LIVE’ with DCR & his team in a top London hotel and discover how to break through your current limitations, and begin your journey to Permanent Weight Loss.

A Live London Seminar based on DCR’s Ground-Breaking New book. Nothing beats a real time, in person, live interaction. Nothing.

The attendance for this event is incredibly limited, to just a dozen people. DCR wants to ensure that when ‘you’ walk through that door on Saturday morning – you’re not the same person walking out on Sunday evening!

This is DCR’s flagship event and results are guaranteed. This is NOT where you come along and listen for 2 days and take some notes etc… NO. It will be interactive, demanding, fun and a captivating event that will stretch you.

You will received personalised and individual attention for DCR over the weekend.


Date & Timings:

Date is TBC.

There are greetings on Friday night if you arrive early.

Seminar begins 9am on Saturday and the event will finish at 9pm on Saturday, then resume at 9am on Sunday and finish at 9pm Sunday.


Saturday 12th December 2020 from 9am – 9pm.

Sunday 13th December 2020 from 9am – 9pm.


Day 1


First half:

Will be a hard hitting assault on your current limitations, beliefs, patterns, feelings, anything that currently limits you are going to be broken down. You will set new standards and reinforce them with a practical action plan that is bespoke for you and designed by DCR and his team.


Second half:

Will be a very powerful experience where you will deal with every conceivable & perceivable problem or challenge that could get in your way – in advance! You will pre-emptively condition yourself to set yourself up for nothing – but success with your weight. This is a very profound day.


Day 2




First half:






Second half:




What others have to say about DCR:


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


DCR is one of  the most incredible and important people I’ve met  in my life! He has helped me beyond description. Not only I have removed a few stones without any dieting or supplements, but I have done all this with simple daily exercises that I genuinely enjoy. I can’t believe how I have changed so much in a such short time without any effort. All I can say is Darren has supported me in ways I can’t mention and he has taught me a few things about life and myself that have changed me forever.

Sabina Stoyanova


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


I had known several others die from heart attacks under the age of 50, it was no joke. I tried to diet and joined a gym. Like many others I never had the motivation or stamina to get the results I needed and nothing changed. In August 2006 I went on a beach holiday. I felt very uncomfortable lying on the beach looking the way I did. Something had to Change. I called Darren for help. I knew it would not be easy but recognised that I could not do this by myself. I needed help and fast! I have tried all I can do and it is not working. Darren arranged for me to do the Weight Management Programme I had heard about previously. The first day I managed only 5 minutes of brisk walking and some exercises, then I slept for an hour to recover. The Nutritional help is Brilliant and I have to say the Change Coaching was the real secret. I did persist and am very Happy to say I have lost well over a stone and a half, have much more stamina, am more productive at work, and play, and I am much happier. Now the hour passes quickly and I can easily do an hours brisk walking.

I am really pleased I made this LIFE SAVING AND LIFE ALTERING decision, I am now starting with Darren on his Consultancy Service in London. Update 2018… I am Happy to report that I am successfully maintaining my weight without dieting! That can’t be bad can it!

Gary Lester



How much is it truly worth to be the body weight you desire and crave, with the Shape you want? To then keep that result forever – literally, as long as you apply the  principles that will be shared with you?

Would £9,997 be appropriate or too much?

Since there is no definitive answer here, it will come down to ‘your’ personal evaluation.

How do you value making a change in your life? – How do you quantify the monetary value of that? Not easy. Is the Value of the change you seek – greater or lesser – than the financial cost it will be for you? Do you only perceive the cost factor but neglect to recognise in the same moment, the value it brings to your Life?


The true value and worth of this live 2 day event is priceless, yet for just £5,997 this is specifically what you will receive:


✔ A Welcoming on Friday night from DCR & his team.

✔ Day 1: 12 hours of intensive Coaching with breaks. Personalised 1-2-1 Coaching from DCR.

✔ Day 2: 12 hours of intensive Coaching with breaks. Personalised 1-2-1 Coaching from DCR.

✔ All writing materials & weekend manuals will be supplied.

✔ Full emotional support from DCR direct & his team after the event by email.

✔ 5 x 1-2-1 phone or video contacts with DCR himself after the event to hold you accountable.

✔ 3 FREE tickets to DCR’s “Full Menu” Webinar for you to gift to someone you care about.

✔ Invitation to DCR’s very private Facebook group to receive weekly bespoke Coaching.

✔ A copy of DCR’s Bite Size mini-course

✔ A copy of DCR’s Tater Webinar

✔ A personalised signed hard copy of “Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss”


DCR is releasing this Event at the Special price of just   – £2,997 –



DCR wants you to know a few important things:

  • This event is limited to just 12 people to ensure a Quality of service, and that results are attained as desired. The first 12 people to join will be accepted. Anyone after this will need to wait for the next event that has yet to be confirmed.
  • The reduced price of this event is reflective of DCR’s ethos – ‘ give more, than you get back.’ While the true value is genuine, DCR offers it lower so that everybody Wins!
  • 10% is gifted to a UK Registered Charity by DCR. Everybody wins means, you benefit from the change your crave, the Charity benefits because they receive their much needed donations, you benefit because you get to feel good for helping a Charity. The Charity’s beneficiaries benefit from your donation etc… etc…
  • Covid-19 may have now passed, but the repercussions financially for people is still being felt. DCR wants to help as much as he can and has factored this into the lowered price. The price of subsequent events will be increased.


What others have to say about this Seminar:

NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


I just had to write to you to say a big thank you for all the help you have been to me. As you know I have lost approximately 4½ stone so far with your help and have worked out even with a really bad back which you have always helped with by taking note and making sure that I am in the right position for each exercise.  If someone had told me that I would be able to run further than 20 yards, I would have told them that they were mad, but you believed in me, and now even at 57 years of age and have not exercised except in the last three years, I can run and run.  I didn’t know how many miles but just to think you want me to do a half marathon the mind just boggles, it’s so very exciting.  Your consulting has guided me perfectly and I wouldn’t be where I am now, without you do thank you again Darren.

 Audrey Godfrey


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


Darren has supported me every step of the way, pushed me when it has been needed and praised me when required. I feel Darren has gone that step further than you would normally expect. Monitoring my food and exercise really helped. Some people think I don’t eat, but I eat all day and night, good food of course, I eat out and even though I am at the gym between five to six times a week I have a wicked social life and I am happier than ever. What more can I say but thank you to Darren, you have changed my life, turned it upside down and given me something that no one else could. I have lost the fat and gained a very good friend for life.

Trusha Patel


Final Word

We know from statistics that less than 10% of people who buy a book, read past the first chapter! The same applies to someone who pays for a webinar online but doesn’t attend or only applies partial effort. This weekend is aimed at breaking all of that.

Come and immerse yourself in an environment that will cause you to ‘release’ all of your hidden power, and then use that inherent capability to direct your Life, the way you desire it to be.

Navigate the river of weight loss – Successfully. Avoid the upcoming rocks and enjoy the downstream current as it effortlessly carries you towards the greatest moment of your Life.

“Being live is unsuppressed, and being held accountable in a supportive, nurtured and structured way is unequalled, together, results are inevitable. Come and join me and my team, for a weekend extravaganza – that will transform your Life”