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DCR Banner

Multi Award-Winning, Internationally Recognized Life Coach Demonstrates – How to Achieve ‘Permanent’ Weight Loss in Ground-Breaking New Book…


This Is Not Just Another Temporary & Empty Weight Loss Book Where You Lose Some Weight But Then Gain It Right Back.


 Are you are utterly FED-UP with the whole weight loss scene of dieting, supplements, Painful exercise, deprivation, restriction, hunger, suffering, Wasting Your Hard Earned Money?

 Then putting all the weight you do lose – BACK ON – and going on a merry go round of yo-yo weight loss followed by yo-yo weight gain back year after year, Wasting Your Precious Time

Having low self-esteem, low self-confidence, losing hope, feeling overwhelmed, feeling confused, feeling depressed, fearful of even looking in the mirror at yourself, Wasting Your Valuable Emotion?

If your Answer to the above is a resounding YES, then I can help you to FREE yourself from this emotional and physical Struggle, and save you Years, if not Decades of your Life…

“Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” Book is the next simple, cost effective yet very IMPORTANT step in the journey after the Taster Introduction. You will Discover the how to do, to add to your understanding.

Look… I am NO salesperson or similar. I am a real person just like you and I’m writing this NOT as a sales-type approach because like you, I am fed up with seeing advert after advert promising false hope –

I see good people like YOU suffering all the time and being fed lie after lie… So I want to make this clear… I humbly want to serve you by presenting a ‘get out of pain’ ticket so to speak, this book is exactly that – and nothing else…

This Book, like ALL of my Weight Management Programs, is purely based on a Pleasurable experience, not a painful one. You will reach your target Weight with:

NO dieting – NO supplements – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘treats’ – NO change to your Lifestyle – NO painful exercise – in other words, there is NO risk to you…


“Only For The Serious Permanent Weight Loss”

Is a Thunderous Impact on The Mainstream Weight Loss Industry Because it’s About:

HOW to STOP losing weight ‘temporarily’ and HOW to START losing weight PERMANENTLY!

It’s a Game Changer for the industry – and a Life Changer for the individual because – it has an embedded step-by-step Program that effectively Coaches you on HOW to Achieve Permanent Weight Reduction through nothing more than:

Correct Exercise, Nutrition and Psychology.

It will take YOU on a Navigated Journey of simple, empowering changes physically and emotionally that WILL lead to Permanent changes, not temporary…


This Book Is Very Different

Successful Weight Control Consists of 2 Separate Steps:

1) Weight Loss Then… 2) Weight Management

In other words –

Successful Weight Loss is measured by your ability to lose your excess weight AND it stays off forever. Failed Weight Loss is measured by your ability to lose your excess weight BUT it comes back on!

The majority of the weight loss industry focuses very heavily on getting you to buy ‘something’ to lose ‘some’ weight BUT only lightly cover the REAL problem which is actually maintaining it. This is demonstrated by empirical data and statistics that confirm only around 5% of people that attempt a weight loss succeed, 95% of people fail.

The whole weight loss industry is programmed for nothing but weight loss ( gaining it back is unaddressed because there is BIG money in keeping YOU dependent ).

Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss SUCCESSFULLY bridges this gap, educating and empowering YOU on taking simple, effective, daily actions to turn this situation around so that…

YOUR Weight Loss IS Maintained through Enjoyable Activity, Enjoyable Nutrition and, most importantly, a Re-Programmed Mindset to Attain Permanence easily!


• Written by Multi AwardWinning International Life Coach

• Best London Life Coach 2018, Best UK Life Coach 2019 & Best International Life Coach 2020 & 2021

• Leading Specialist in Weight Loss & Management 2020

• An Expert in Successful Weight Management

• 30 years of Experience in the fields of exercise Physiology and Nutrition

• A Decade of Coaching VIP on Weight Loss

• Contains a Breakthrough Program

• Models the 5% that do Achieve a Permanent Weight Reduction

• Lose Weight Just Once – Keep the Weight off Permanently

• A Game Changer for the Weight Loss industry

• No Dieting

• No Calorie Counting

• No Cutting out any Food Groups

• No Cutting out your ‘Naughty Treats’

• No Painful Exercise

• No Surgery

• No Supplements

• No Pain

• No Lifestyle Change

• No Risk to you

• Nothing to buy

• Sold in over 25 Countries

• 10% of Sales go to a UK Registered Charity

• NOT just a weight loss book

Here Are What Others Say About This Book And How It Has Radically Changed Their Lives…


Lisa Eamons, London

“The best thing about my life after picking up ‘Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss’ is I get to maintain my perfect weight without having to worry about food! I have so much more freedom, fun and control, I’ve also dropped 2 dress sizes! Thank you DCR for your help.”


Yamato Du, Tokyo

“Wow this book is AMAZING! Learning how to properly eat think and move to control my weight has been a complete and utter life-changer! I simply cannot understand why I didn’t read this book before. I am losing weight without dieting, I am loving it so much!”


Sabina Metrean, New Mexico

By reading Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss and following the advice I’ve gained so much confidence. I am 2.5 stone lighter and I have 10 x more happiness. The approaches in this book are ridiculously simple yet they have changed my whole life.”


Helen Millerns, Glasglow

“Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss gave me exactly what I needed. Accountability. I didn’t know that until I read the book and once I understood it I decided to test it, not just believe blindly because I have been doing that all my life, in fact a friend recommended the book so I hadn’t gone out and bought it. I was dubious about the life changing claims it made. Fast forward 15 weeks and today the woman I now am is here to stay. No more restrictions of any sorts what so ever, I’m not settling for that low level existence ever again not to mention it never got me anywhere with my weight except frustrated. Now not only do I have an unrestricted lifestyle but through this book I have dropped 8kg of excess weight and frankly I feel Phenomenal. Life changing is more like an understatement because it has radically transformed my thinking, my feelings, my behaviours and myself as a whole.”


This Book is 100% About PERMANENT Weight Loss

 This book is NOT about a short term fix for you. This book is NOT about you being at the ‘effect’ – again. If you just want to lose weight then this book is NOT for you, please search elsewhere for your needs, there are tons of books on short term weight loss out there.

Just know that…

Putting out TONS of effort ‘just’ to lose your excess weight through dieting – only – to be unable to maintain it and have to start ALL over again next week or next month, and endure additional losses of emotion, time, money etc… Is about as effective as trying to outrun a horse!

If YOU continue down this path… You’ll end up with accumulating losses.

This book is called ONLY for the SERIOUS for a Reason!


This Book IS About ‘Avoiding’ These losses

It’s about being in Control, being the cause of your change, not being in reaction, not just getting an effect – a temporary loss.

Instead steering yourself into Empowerment by taking hold of the reins – being in the driving seat and not just a passenger being ‘taken somewhere’ to be dropped off at a place you didn’t want to be!

IF you would like to change seats and drive, end up where you want to be which is, slimmer, leaner, toned, shapely, trim, slender and having your ideal body weight that you then get to keep PERMANENTLY

( Thus you get to feel Confident, Sexy, Happy and Free )

Then you now have a real choice, a real opportunity. Not a fad of any kind.


“Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss”

Will reveal to you what the top VIP’s know and use to Shift their weight and then maintain their new weight Successfully… HOW to consume Carbohydrates so that they DON’T turn to fat.

HOW to eat 2,000 – 3,000 calories every day and still Drop weight.

HOW to Never feel Hungry and still Drop weight.

HOW to still eat naughty foods every day and still Drop weight.

HOW to NEVER be on a diet EVER again and still Drop weight.

And more…

HOW to be Active every day in a purely Pleasurable way.

HOW to Shape your figure / physique that will come through.

HOW to become Addicted to exercise so it’s effortless!!

HOW to Only do the exercise you LOVE to do.

HOW to ‘Burn’ fat – without having to eat less!!

And more…

HOW to do all of the above without pain, deprivation or discipline.

HOW to do all of the above with NO change to your Lifestyle.

HOW to do all of the above and ‘Achieve’ your weight loss goal.

HOW to do all of the above and maintain this weight loss – PERMANENTLY


Specialist in the Field of Successful Weight Loss 

DCR regularly Coaches VIP’s in this area both Nationally and Internationally.

As an experienced International VIP Life Coach, he has received Awards for:

  – Best London Life Coach 2018

– Best UK Life Coach 2019

– Best International Life Coach 2020

– Leading Specialist in Weight Loss & Management 2020.

DCR has over 30 years of experience in the field of Exercise Physiology and the field of Nutrition, he has been designing exercise programs & nutritional programs since 1993 and has been Life Coaching since 2001 and has vast experience in Psychology.

 DCR helps people to realise their Dreams in Life by providing Solutions to their problems, helping them make Emotional & Behavioural Changes that they may be struggling to make, and freeing them from limitations, so they get to experience the Rewards they Deserve.

Lastly – 

“In helping yourself by purchasing the book – you will also be helping people in need as 10% of sales goes to a UK Registered Charity so ‘thank you’ in advance for your support.

Thank you again for taking your time to visit…

May I wish you Every Success with your Weight Control regardless of whether you free yourself with this book or other means.” 


Please note: As per the request of some attendants, some of the pictures in the testimonials used have been changed to protect personal identity due to UK-GDPR. However all testimonials on this page are genuine and from real people.