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"Stop" Losing Weight ‘Temporarily’ 
Start Losing Weight -

Are You 'Utterly Fed-Up'... with short term fixes, diets and the whole pattern of ‘losing weight Only to Gain it Back?’

 ...Time for a Game Changer 


   NO Dieting - NO Calorie Counting - NO Supplements - NO Cutting Out Food Groups - NO Painful Exercise - NO Cutting Out 'Naugthy' Foods

Read on...


  To this Permanent Weight Loss "Bite-Size" mini-course - a 10 Video package designed to accomplish just 'one' single important outcome - to effectively guide you to a PERMANENT Weight Loss without any restrictions! Here's a sample video from the course...


If you're Deadly Serious about Changing your body weight situation. If you are only 'interested' but not committed, then please do Not buy, save your money.


While this is only a brief mini course - it IS going to save you YEARS of your Life from making mistakes - yes that sounds like an exaggeration, but be assured - it is Not

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Why Is This Bite-Size Mini-Course 'VERY' Important?

This is NOT just another temporary & empty weight loss course where you lose some weight and gain it right back again.


It's based on an Exclusive Weight 'Management' Program Approach Used By Top VIP's who keep their weight off PERMANENTLY.

To Be Crystal Clear

You can either lose 'some' weight and then, just gain it right back again ( temporary results from the only mainstream approach of - dieting and supplements ) or...

   You can lose ALL of your excess weight and keep it off long term, literally Permanently. 

How do I know Permanent results are even possible and not 'made up?'

 Because – I have modelled the Top 5% of VIP’s around the world that have Successfully Lost Weight AND kept it off Permanently.

This mini-course will show you HOW it is possible and provide the WHAT to do - to make it happen!

Secret #1

The DIFFERENCE between temporary weight loss & PERMANENT results...


Secret #2

WHY 95% of people fail 95% of the time in attempting to lose weight, and how to CHANGE that...

Secret #3

 PERMANENT weight loss is a 2-step process. Failed weight loss is a 1-step process...

The Permanent Weight Loss
"Bite-Size" Mini-Course


hand-held expereince that will Coach you to begin making... 

Easy and effortless progress towards your dream weight...

You'll be taken on a step-by-step navigated jouney...

To Achieving your own PERMANENT weight loss - Not a temporay fix.

WITHOUT any restrictions what so ever...

NO dieting

NO calorie counting

NO supplements

NO cutting out food groups

NO cutting out treat foods

NO painful exercise

 There are 10 Videos in all and each one is less than 10 minutes in length... 

It's designed be easy & simple, hence the name!

The Course covers MindsetNutrition & Exercise.

There's NO information overload and you WON'T be on your own.

Course was just £199 but is now REDUCED to help you during Covid-19.


"Darren has supported me every step of the way, pushed me when it has been needed and praised me when required. 

I feel Darren has gone that step further than you would normally expect. The Bite-Size course changed my life. 

Turned it upside down and gave me something that nothing else did - results. I have lost the fat and gained a very good life coach for life."

Trusha Patel, London UK

About DCR

  Darren Christopher Rowland (DCR) D.H.F N.A.S.M is a Top VIP Life Coach & Author and one of the World's Top Experts in the Field of Permanent Weight Loss.

Darren Christopher Rowland

DCR has Achieved International Recognition Best London Life Coach 2018 - Best UK Life Coach 2019 - Best International Life Coach 2020 & 2021 - Leading Specialist in Weight Loss & Management 2020

DCR has Co-Authored "Cracking the Rich Code" a book written with the  World's Top 20 Coach Jim Britt and seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news.

The book is Endorsed by Tony Robbins.

 For a Decade, DCR has Coached Top VIP's from all around the World on Permanent Weight Loss and has modelled the Top 5% that Successfully Achieve their Weight Management Goals Permanently.

Advantages I'll Gain 
By Getting This Course


"DCR is one of the most incredible & important people I've met in my life! He has helped me beyond description. 

Not only I have removed a few stones without any dieting or supplements, but I have done all this with simple daily exercises that I genuinly enjoy.

I can't beleive how I have changed so much in such a short time without any effort."

What Do I Get When I Purchse The "Bite-SizeMini-Course?

10 Videos in full 1080HD on How to Lose Weight Permanently 

( Worth £199 )

An Audio file so you can Listen without needing to Watch 

( Worth £49 )

A Power Point Presentation of the Bite-Size mini-course 

( Worth £49 )

15,000 Word Narration of the Bite-Size mini-course 

( Worth £49 )

Intro of "Only for the Serious Permanent Weight Loss" Book 


Entry in the Chance to Win a £753 Coaching Package with DCR

( Worth £753 )

Invitation into a Private Facebook Group on Permanent Results 

( FREE )


Because of Covid the price has been 'Dramatically Reduced' to help as many people as possible during this difficult time, so now it's just...


BUT please act quick because this Extremely low price will be going up very soon!



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 My Ground-Breaking New book... "Only for the Serious - Permanent Weight Loss" has made a Thunderous Impact on the Mainstream weight loss industry 


It's Modelled from the Top 5% VIP's who Succcessfully - manage their body weight long term and thus shows the reader...

 HOW to stop losing weight temporarily - and HOW to START Losing Weight PERMANENTLY! 

Get Access To This Exclusive VIP Program

Remember - this is NOT just another temporary & empty weight loss course where you lose some weight and gain it right back again.


You're going to Discover HOW to attain a weight loss easily, healthily and quickly, & MOST IMPORTANTLY how to then maintain this new result PERMANENTLY...

Don't Miss Out!

* Disclaimer: The information and advice provided in this Bite-Size mini-course is taken at your own discretion. You are advised to see your doctor before implementing any changes to your health, diet or body weight from actioning anything described in this Bite-Size mini-course. No guarantees are given for successful weight loss as a result of following the advice as results will vary from person to person.

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