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Bite-Size Mini-Course

bit size course

Are You Overweight and Concerned About Your Health?

Fat weight, ‘NOT’ total body weight – determines Health Risk. How can you do something about this? Taster will get you started. The book will get you going. This mini-course will get you going – fast.

After the Taster and Book comes your first video interaction with me in this step-by-step mini-course covering Psychology, Exercise and Nutrition.

10 videos, each one of which is under 10 minutes, it’s easily digested and absorbable, hence the name and it will hold your hand – and take you across that starting line into a new world, a new journey in essence into PERMANENT Weight Loss.

Bite-Size is designed to get you started, to give you a bumper start, give you a momentum to get going on your journey to better Health and Wellbeing.

Here is a sample video taken from the Bite-Size mini-course for you to see, to get a feel for what to expect:


The Taster Webinar was to introduce you to the reality that Permanent Weight Loss WAS something possible and that you could achieve it if you wanted to. This is the why.

The Book then gave you a very detailed road map, spanning a full 6 weeks or so of reading and applying the simple principles via the embedded Program in the Book. This is the how.

If you have followed this journey then by now you have a solid grounding and understanding of this whole journey and perhaps are already achieving a weight loss without dieting or painful exercise or anything associated with the traditional approach because, you now know the why and the how!

Some people prefer to skip the Book and begin straight away with the Bite Size course. That is fine and that is why I have designed the journey this way, to allow for the flexibility to tweak according to your needs, whatever route you take you will still end up at the same end point – PERMANENCE!

Either way, it now brings you nicely onto this next step along this path, this Bite Size mini-course.



This will now get you started and moving. It will take you from a standing still point – to a moving forward point. A lot of people find that the hardest step is just starting and this mini-courses purpose is exactly that – to give you a kick start, an explosive sprint off the line. To gain momentum and create velocity on your journey.

This 1.5 hour long interaction between you and me will give you inspiration, direction and drive.

The design of the mini-course means you can watch 1 video per day and take anything up to 2 weeks to  complete it or, you could decide to watch 2 – 3 videos per day and complete sooner. It is very adaptable and bespoke to you and your lifestyle. That why I designed it this way.


This mini-course will cover the following topics:

• Video 1 = Overview. How to Make a Start

• Video 2 = Psychology

• Video 3 = Goal setting

• Video 4 = Basic Nutrition

• Video 5 = Basic Exercise

• Video 6 = Proof From Others

• Video 7 = Advanced Nutrition

• Video 8 = Advanced Exercise

• Video 9 = Common Mistakes to Avoid

• Video 10 = Recap + “Full Menu”


If Permanent Weight Loss is something you are committed too – then this mini-course will provide for you, EXACTLY what you’re looking for…  A simple, easy, enjoyable, Pleasurable in fact and even fun plan on how to go from being overwhelmed and procrastinating – into ACTION!


What other have to say about this Bite-Size mini-course:

NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


I just had to write to you to say a big thank you for all the help you have been to me. As you know I have lost approximately 4½ stone so far with your help and have worked out even with a really bad back which you have always helped with by taking note and making sure that I am in the right position for each exercise.  If someone had told me that I would be able to run further than 20 yards, I would have told them that they were mad, but you believed in me, and now even at 57 years of age and have not exercised except in the last three years, I can run and run.  I didn’t know how many miles but just to think you want me to do a half marathon the mind just boggles, it’s so very exciting.  Your consulting has guided me perfectly and I wouldn’t be where I am now, without you do thank you again Darren.

Audrey Godfrey


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


Darren has supported me every step of the way, pushed me when it has been needed and praised me when required. I feel Darren has gone that step further than you would normally expect. Monitoring my food and exercise really helped. Some people think I don’t eat, but I eat all day and night, good food of course, I eat out and even though I am at the gym between five to six times a week I have a wicked social life and I am happier than ever. What more can I say but thank you to Darren, you have changed my life, turned it upside down and given me something that no one else could. I have lost the fat and gained a very good friend for life.

Trusha Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This is designed for someone who doesn’t know where to begin or how to begin the process of getting started to lose weight. Or someone who has tried everything out there in the market and is still unable to achieve a PRACTICAL weight loss that lasts.

What will I get out of doing this course?

It will start you on a navigated journey to Permanent weight loss ( NOT a temporary fix ). You will come away with inspiration and a plan to start from. It’s a step-by-step plan that will progress you to your very own Permanent weight loss and I will be holding your hand the whole way.

Is this course complicated?

Not in the slightest! You watch a simple, brief, and entertaining video for just 10 minutes, and then action the simple task given at the end. That’s it! After 10 days of this, you are up and running, sprinting in fact and the momentum will carry you forward long after this mini-course has ended.

How much is it?

£797, however, right now I am releasing it for JUST £497 to make it even more attractive for you, to help you even more to make that start! ( And, to help the UK Registered Charity that will benefit from your purchase ).