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Banquet Maxi-Course


Are You Overweight and Concerned About Your Health?

Fat weight, ‘NOT’ total body weight – determines Health Risk. Are you sick and tired of trying to lose some weight because all that happens is you suffer, ie: you have to diet and feel hungry, only to drop a ’little’ weight and worse still, then endure the pain of seeing it all pile back on. You feel demoralised as a result and low self-esteem eventually kicks in leading to a situation where maybe, you don’t even try anymore.

Sound familiar?

How can you do something about this? Taster will get you started. The book will get you going. The mini-course will get you going – fast, the Masterclass will throw you in to the deep end and this Maxi-Course will get you to the finish line – triumphant!

“Banquet” Maxi-Course

Almost 7 total hours of Discovery. Me to you through video providing an all-out journey from start to finish, from overweight and lost – to correct weight and Self-Confident.

This Maxi-Course is a library of 20 videos, all of which are under 20 minutes each so that it is easily absorbed. You have the flexibility to watch the videos any which way that fits your time and desires.


 This Maxi-Course will cover the following topics:

• Video 1 = Overview. How to Make a Start

• Video 2 = Psychology

• Video 3 = Goal setting

• Video 4 = Basic Nutrition

• Video 5 = Basic Exercise

• Video 6 = Proof From Others

• Video 7 = Advanced Nutrition

• Video 8 = Advanced Exercise

• Video 9 = Common Mistakes to Avoid

• Video 10 = Recap

• Video 11= Carbohydrates

• Video 12 = Proteins

• Video 13 = Fats

• Video 14 = Water

• Video 15 = hormones

• Video 16 = Anaerobics

• Video 17 = VIP Secrets

• Video 18 = Emotions

• Video 19 = Beliefs

• Video 20 = Recap and final message

Success in progress

If Permanent Weight Loss is something you are committed too – then this Maxi-Course will provide for you, EXACTLY what you’re looking for…  A simple, easy, enjoyable, Pleasurable in fact and even fun plan on how to go from ‘not even starting’ – to – being in Shape, in correct weight, Happy and Proud of yourself.



What other have to say about this “Banquet” Maxi-Course:


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


DCR is one of  the most incredible and important people I’ve met  in my life !He has helped me beyond description. Not only I have removed a few stones without any dieting or supplements, but I have done all this with simple daily exercises that I genuinely enjoy. I can’t believe how I have changed so much in a such short time without any effort. All I can say is Darren has supported me in ways I can’t mention and he has taught me a few things about life and myself that have changed me forever.

Sabina Stoyanova


NO dieting – NO calorie counting – NO cutting out food groups – NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food – NO supplements – NO painful exercise – NO surgery


I had known several others die from heart attacks under the age of 50, it was no joke. I tried to diet and joined a gym. Like many others I never had the motivation or stamina to get the results I needed and nothing changed. In August 2006 I went on a beach holiday. I felt very uncomfortable lying on the beach looking the way I did. Something had to Change. I called Darren for help. I knew it would not be easy but recognised that I could not do this by myself. I needed help and fast! I have tried all I can do and it is not working. Darren arranged for me to do the Weight Management Programme I had heard about previously. The first day I managed only 5 minutes of brisk walking and some exercises, then I slept for an hour to recover. The Nutritional help is Brilliant and I have to say the Change Coaching was the real secret. I did persist and am very Happy to say I have lost well over a stone and a half, have much more stamina, am more productive at work, and play, and I am much happier. Now the hour passes quickly and I can easily do an hours brisk walking.

I am really pleased I made this LIFE SAVING AND LIFE ALTERING decision, I am now starting with Darren on his Consultancy Service in London. Update 2018… I am Happy to report that I am successfully maintaining my weight without dieting! That can’t be bad can it!

Gary Lester