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Darren Christopher Rowland

Darren Christopher Rowland

Darren Christopher Rowland D.H.F N.A.S.M is one of the World’s Top Experts on Permanent Weight Loss with over 30 years of Experience.

DCR Co-Authored “Cracking The Rich Code” a #1 Amazon International Best Seller. The book is endorsed by Tony Robbins and written in collaboration with Jim Britt, one of the World’s Top 20 Coaches. The book is about Success, and how to Win in Life. It has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news.

DCR is a Multi Award-Winning, International Life Coach and Author. He has reached more than 100,000 people through his Coaching.

Top VIP’s from all around the World have been Consulting with DCR for the last Decade for his expertise on Successful Weight Loss and Successful Weight Management.

They come to him because he accomplishes his phenomenal results without any of the traditional limitations, associated with the mainstream Weight Loss approach.

For most people Losing Weight is a Painful experience, and it results in failure.

DCR’s Weight Management Programs consist of purely pleasurable ways to achieve a Permanent Weight Loss and involve:


NO dieting, NO counting calories, NO cutting out food groups, NO cutting out ‘naughty’ food, NO supplements, NO painful exercise, NO lifestyle changes and NO surgery.

His Ground-Breaking new book “Only for the Serious – Permanent Weight Loss” is a full Weight Management Program, based on DCR’s modelling of the Top 5% VIP’s who are able to maintain their weight loss Permanently, so that now anyone can achieve the same result.

Discover How, with DCR’s help, you too can Navigate your way to “Permanent” Weight Loss Success. Start today and get a free introduction of his new book as part, of a free Coaching package or, through a free 1-2-1 Consultation.

Discover Why Top VIP’s Come to DCR for Advice

Start Your own Journey Today - allow DCR to Navigate You toward PERMANENT Weight Loss and leave temporary weight loss – behind.

DCR is absolutely committed to helping you Break-Free!

Receive a free Consultation with DCR and Discover key information that’ll assist you to achieve Permanent Weight Loss...

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Give Away Package

DCR wants to do whatever he can to help you on your new journey, so as a bumper start, he is ‘Giving Away’ over £753 worth of value which includes, free Coaching, free information, free support and a host of other resources on PERMANENT Weight Loss.

He is also donating 10% of every service he offers to a UK Registered Charity to help them too, DCR wants everyone to Win! To receive your personalised package, please opt-in below.

DCR wants to makes it clear he is not a salesman, nor is this a gimmick, DCR limits the *number of ‘Give Away’ packages each month to ensure the Quality of service and ongoing Support You will receive.

Dream. Change.. Reward…

Life is Experience ( not just existence )... Want to Change Yours?

Do You want to Change Your Experience - the one You're having Right Now with Your Physical Body?

Do You want to move Toward a more Shapley, Healthier and Stronger Body?

Do You want Someone Experienced and Empathetic to Hold Your Hand and Lead the way, to Navigate You Away from the Rocks and instead – to Enjoy the Ride Downstream in the River?

Do you want to Begin that Journey Today?

Free ‘Permanent’ Weight Loss Discovery Call

Why not Discover how to shift your excess weight – completely free – over a Professional but friendly chat with DCR, he will Share with you Valuable information that will allow you to start making Immediate Progress toward ‘PERMANENT’ Weight Loss, Not temporary fixes.

*Please note*

This call is in Complete Confidentiality and is NOT a hard sell or lure into buying a service or other. Discover why thousands of people before you have trusted DCR and found freedom from limitation, with this free Discovery call and his free Coaching.

Start your Journey towards your very own Permanent Weight Loss…TODAY!

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Discover Permanent Weight Loss.

What Others Have Achieved With DCR


Weight Loss 'Confidence' Building

Being overweight can ‘potentially’ cause a lack of self-confidence for some people. DCR works with an individual to lose weight on numerous levels, one of which is Confidence building. What makes DCR so successful in the weight loss arena is because he understands that dealing with an overweight body starts with the ‘real’ person inside.

Self-esteem is crucial to longevity and DCR understands that ‘who we are’ is far more important then the crude bodies we all possess. Allow DCR to build up your natural and inherent Confidence, from there weight loss is easier than you ever thought possible…

Failed Weight Loss is a 1-Step Process

Temporary Weight Loss usually involves dieting and painful exercise, and fails 95% of the time for 95% of the people that attempt it.

It is based on the general publics ‘only’ mainstream model for Weight Loss.

The problem is that it successfully fails, and thus generates Billions for the Weight Loss industry as it keeps demand and supply ‘fed’.

Since changes are very temporary, you need to keep coming back to enter the loop to start over and keep the industry alive, for you it leads to a yo-yo Lifestyle which can last months, years and for some, a Lifetime.

Would you like to Discover HOW to change this and attain PERMANENT Weight Loss…?

Successful Weight Loss is a 2-Step Process

1) Attain a Weight Loss

and then …

2) Maintain that Weight Lost

Failed Weight Loss is a 1-Step Process:

1) Attain a Weight Loss

and then …

Put the weight back on – start all over again – run the same pattern – lose the weight – then put the weight back on – start all over again – run the same pattern etc…

Failed weight loss is not a weakness, it’s just a limited pattern that we run simply because we don’t know Consciously – that there is a missing step.

The main challenge in weight loss is that when you have a 2-step process but, ‘you’ have only been taught 1 part of that 2 part process ( ever ) – then you can never logically progress and instead you have to resort – to just keep repeating step-1 ( only ) over and over and over and over.

Sound familiar?

If you have been yo-yo dieting for years or decades without lasting results, then now you know why! Because there’s no progression to step-2.

The difference between these 2 outcomes is a just ‘single’ step, that is missing for 95% of the population.

       In addition, there is a way to Lose the Weight easily, in a Pleasurable way without dieting, without counting calories, without cutting out any food groups or even ‘naughty’ food, or using any supplements or doing painful exercise,

I know this sounds impossible, but this is why VIP pay big bucks, and so I absolutely assure you it CAN be done. Find out for yourself how to break-free from this limitation and finally attain your own Permanent Weight Loss…

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